While Joe Biden was giving a graduation address to the class of 2021, he looked lost and overloaded during the two-minute speech. It was a shameful presentation.

A prerecorded speech of Joe Biden to the 2021 graduating class everywhere. He looked spliced in the video as he stumbled through the 2-minute diatribe. Biden was noticeably gasping for air, squinting at the teleprompter and slurring words.

Hot Air reported:

It is odd enough that President Biden delivered a generic commencement address to the Class of 2021 – every graduate, not a specific graduating class. The speech he read was what can only be described as less than inspiring.

Biden tweeted out the commencement address. He delivered it via a video produced at the White House. He turned what should have been a basic address offering up his congratulations to the graduates into a darkish downer kind of speech. Biden was careful to center it around Democrat talking points, of course. He campaigned on bringing Americans back together yet every time he speaks in public, he intentionally divides listeners. He barely took the time to say the word ‘congratulations’.

In the speech, which lasts for a mere 2 minutes and 46 seconds, Biden opens by saying congratulations and smiles as he does so. Then it goes downhill from there. The smile disappears from his face and he concentrates on reading the teleprompter. Even in such a short speech, he mumbles and smacks a microphone while gesturing. He wanted to drive home the fact that he thinks the most pressing problem in America is systemic racism. He tossed in mentions of the economy and climate change for good measure. The graduates are at an inflexion point in American history, he told them. He oddly went on to bring in his graduation and the days of the Vietnam war.

Comparing today’s students to those who graduated during the era of the civil rights and anti-war protest movements, Biden encouraged them to seize the moment to tackle climate change and systemic racism which he described as one of ‘the great crises of our time’.

Biden recounted his own experience and said that shortly after he graduated, his generation faced an inflexion point as the Vietnam War split the nation coupled with fights for civil rights, women’s rights and environmental rights.

‘And now you face another inflexion point,’ he said. ‘As we put this pandemic behind us, rebuild our economy, root out systemic racism and tackle climate change, we’re addressing the great crises of our time with a greater sense of purpose than before.

‘And because of you, your generation, I’ve never been more optimistic about the future than I am today,’ he added.

‘Just three years after I stood where you’re standing, two of my political heroes, Dr King and Robert Kennedy, were gunned down.

‘The Vietnam War divided the nation and divided families. We’re in the midst of a great movement for civil rights, women’s rights, and environmental rights.

‘We — we faced an — an inflexion point, and we did our best to seize that moment, because things were changing so rapidly, and now you face another inflexion point.’

It isn’t unusual for a commencement speaker to reminisce about their graduation and to encourage the current graduating class to go out and do good things in the world. But the comparison to the days of the Vietnam war is just off. This isn’t 1968. To personalize the argument, I’m old enough to remember those days to some extent from my childhood and I was born and raised in the deep south. Racial progress has happened in significant amounts during my lifetime. It does a disserve to those who worked for that progress to ignore the real history. The violence in the streets during that year was all about anti-war protests and college students avoiding the draft (as Joe Biden did). If Biden wants to boil that time down into a simplistic explanation, his is the wrong example to use with today’s graduates. Their four years in college or high school (Biden didn’t specify if he was speaking to either high school grads or college grads or both) have been experienced during relatively peaceful times. Trump is the only president in recent years who didn’t start a war or ramp up one.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Hot Air

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