Illegal aliens have been enjoying Joe Biden’s policy and he has a very clear message for them as well as a very clear message to American citizens.

Biden’s message to illegals is “We love you, madly.” and his message to Americans is simply “F*^k off.”

What has Biden done for illegals since taking office? Everything! And what has he done for Americans at the same time? Not a thing!

Although China has done very well with the Big Guy in charge. But his son Hunter is a partner of the Chinese communist party.

There is a lawsuit brought by the ACLU concerning a thousand illegal aliens who were deported for coming into this country illegally.

He even considering giving them amnesty but in addition to that, he wants to pay them reparation. WTH? Biden isn’t fighting them, he has surrendered unconditionally… When do we even start compensating murderers and rapists who break our laws as well?

An excerpt from NBC News reporting: 

“The ACLU is in settlement negotiations with the Biden administration to provide full relief to the thousands of separated families, not just reunification in the U.S. but permanent status, compensation and social services,” Gelernt told NBC News. [Emphasis added]

Advocates for the families are seeking to have them reunited inside the U.S., provided with compensation and social services, and granted permanent legal status to remain in the U.S. [Emphasis added]

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokesperson told NBC News that the administration is

…actively working to develop a system for processing and reunifying over a thousand families and to set up a system to provide mental health support and stability to thousands more families who are here in the United States and still trying to heal from the trauma caused by their separation.

Remember those 1,000 illegals if given amnesty would then be able to bring every immediate family member they have into the country under the chain migration policy. These illegals are a drop in the bucket to the up to 22 million illegals that Biden wants amnesty for not to mention the nearly 40 million other foreigners eligible for chain migration as well. All Democratic voters.

Sources: David Harris jr., NBC News

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  1. art

    Well make up your mind it’s either to illegals or to his family (Hunter) What’s difference?


    Dreamers deserve all they can get for their illegal status.


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