Democrats are going paranoid that they don’t know where to stop these baseless battles against Trump.

Taking out Trump’s entire allies was their end goal, but LUCK wasn’t on their side. And now they keep on digging a hellhole for themselves.

Their dispiration to put a good man down often lead them to nab minor or incidental issues, hoping to use it to put pressure on Trump.

In fact, they tried to arrest a Trump Organization financial officer, on charges that never result in arrest.

Now, Biden’s DOJ is going after a former Trump adviser.

But he refuses to go down without a fight.

An excerpt from Daily Caller reports:

A senior Trump administration official arrested Tuesday is being charged with illegally acting as a foreign agent of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)…

Barrack allegedly asked UAE officials how they felt about his media appearances, and introduced talking points that were preferable to them. In response to Emirati approval, Barrack allegedly referred to Alshahhi as a “secret weapon.”

Fox News reported this:

Barrack, the founder of Colony Capital and Trump’s longtime friend, will be fighting the charges, his attorney, Matt Herrington told Fox News.

“Tom Barrack made himself voluntarily available to investigators from the outset. He is not guilty and will be pleading not guilty today,” Herrington said.

Biden’s DOJ has arrested a former Trump campaign official, claiming he is an agent for the United Arab Emirates.

Looking at the details of the charges, it’s definitely questionable whether a political setup is involved. The administration of a Democratic president is sending officers after a man who worked for his former rival.

If Trump had done this to Hillary, the media would have thrown a fit. Yet it’s okay for Biden to do it?

Allegedly, Barrack communicated with UAE figures while he was working with the Trump campaign. How does that constitute being a “foreign agent”?

For his part, Barrack is fighting these charges. He says he is not guilty, which means this could turn into an intense court battle.

Can we say for sure this man is innocent? Not at the moment. But this case smells fishy right away.

And we’ve seen in the past just how the Democrat-controlled deep state has tried to persecute Trump allies, hoping they’d turn on Trump.

Very few did. The one that tried to tarnish Trump instead was thrown in jail.

At the very least, this is the latest in the left’s endless campaign to smear and slander the 45th president.

Now tell me this, would they be doing this if they didn’t think he’d win re-election in 3 years?

Sources: American Journal Daily, DailyCaller, FoxNews

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  1. Lisa

    they are going after Trump’s friends because they CANNOT find anything to charge Trump with…you will LOSE dems, people are fed up with our gov’t…all the lies and corruption run deep with the left dems


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