A Virginia man suffered painful rash after getting Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine that spread over his entire body on March 6, doctors said.

Richard Terrell of Goochland, Virginia, 74-year-old got his one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Ashland on March 06. He shares that he started experiencing the symptoms about four days after the getting the single-shot vaccine.
“I began to feel a little discomfort in my armpit and then a few days later I began to get an itchy rash, and then after that I began to swell and my skin turned red,” Terrell told WRIC.

According to WRIC report, he went to the emergency room and spent five days at VCU Medical Center, where doctors determined that he had experienced an adverse reaction to the vaccine and doctors biopsied the rash to see what caused it.

“It all just happened so fast. My skin peeled off,” Terrell told the outlet.

“It was stinging, burning and itching. Whenever I bent my arms or legs, like the inside of my knee, it was very painful where the skin was swollen and was rubbing against itself,” he continued.

One of Terrell’s dermatology doctors at the hospital, Dr. Fnu Nutan, told WRIC. “We ruled out all the viral infections, we ruled out COVID-19 itself, we made sure that his kidneys and liver was okay, and finally we came to the conclusion that it was the vaccine that he had received that was the cause,”

“Skin is the largest organ in the body, and when it gets inflamed like his was, you can lose a lot of fluids and electrolytes,” said Dr.Nutan.

Dr. Nutan and Terrell are encouraging people to get vaccinated and monitor their response. Dr. Nutan goes on to say, this reaction is treatable and she’s seen worse symptoms of COVID-19 over the past year.

Photos provided by DR.FNU Nutan with VCU Health. Left to Right: Terrell’s calf, leg and back.

Nutan said Terrell’s rash could have been life-threatening, but only if left untreated.

Nutan told WRIC. “If you look at the risk for adverse reaction for the vaccine, it’s really, really low,”. “We haven’t seen a great concern at all. I am a big proponent of the vaccine.”

Terrell said he was still glad he got the vaccine.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to get it,” he told WRIC.

A sarcastic Twitter poster seems to sum up the credulity of a brainwashed public that is no longer capable of critical thinking in certain situations defined by the government:

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