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One question that I see people throw out as part of car trip games and little things online sometimes is when someone talks about if their life was turned into a movie. You rarely see real people being portrayed in movies since the majority of us don’t have lives interesting enough.

However, every so often we get people who were either interesting enough or important enough to be put on the big screen. Some famous historical figure or an important athlete or something like that.

Sometimes, you get the movies that are based on the lives of complete and total crooks. Who would have ever thought that one of the crook movies would be about the son of the President of the United States?

A new biopic is set to feature President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and his shady business dealings and his opulent lifestyle fueled by the millions he’s made in China and Ukraine.

This comes from the same people who made the movie “Gosnell” about the serial abortionist who endangered women’s lives and saw him eventually going to prison for his crimes.

The White House showed the film and one of the people they invited to the screening was our own David Harris Jr.

They are looking to raise $2.5 million using public fundraising and the acceptance of donations in order to cover the costs. Producers Phelim McAleer, who is a contributor to The Daily Wire, and Ann McElhinney are digging into the many scandals Hunter Biden has been involved with including his drug addiction and his habit of frequenting sex clubs.

He has a baby born to one of the dancers in one of those clubs.

The movie, titled “My Son Hunter,” is set to begin filming in Serbia this summer. Unless I miss my guess, it will be a huge moneymaker once movie houses are allowed to reopen across the nation.

The people behind the movie say they believe that voters from both parties will be interested in seeing the movie when it is done. No actors and actresses for the film have been made and won’t be until the funding is solid.

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