Michael Collins, 26, has been sentenced to three life sentences for the murder of a mother and her two children. Originally Collins was planning on robbing the family but when he found no money, he decided to punish them. First he turned to the girl and stabbed her about 20 times almost taking her head clear off. Then the boy he stabbed 15 times and did behead him. He made the mother watch her kids die before he murdered her. I can’t believe they waived the death penalty. This was an unusually heinous murder scene.

From The Daily Star

A monster who tortured and decapitated two children before murdering their mother has been caged.

Michael Collins, 26, was jailed for the vicious slaughter of Mariah Cunnigham, 24, and her children A’Layliah Fisher, five, and four-year-old Elijah Fisher.

Collins and his younger brother broke into Mariah’s home in Little Rock, Arkansas planning to rob her.

But when he failed to find any money, he decided to punish the mum by forcing her to watch her children’s murders.

A’Layliah was stabbed more than 20 times and had her head almost sawn off.

Her younger brother was knifed 14 times and decapitated before Mariah was stabbed more than 30 times in a sickening 20-minute bloodbath.

It took the jury in Pulaski County, Arkansas just 25 minutes on Thursday night to find Collins guilty of capital murder and aggravated burglary for the horrifying attacks in December 2017.

Circuit Judge Herb Wright imposed three consecutive life sentences, but authorities waived the death penalty.

Collins’ lawyer called no witnesses, presented just a DNA testing chart as evidence, and Collins himself said nothing during his trial.

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