New reports coming out from China that the CCP would “strictly limit” Chinese citizens from traveling outside the country.

Chinese citizens were already advised to avoid all non-essential travel, but the latest announcement suggests a greater degree of strictness in border control and is likely to reflect concerns that citizens who go abroad could bring the virus back with them.

China appears to be restricting the Chinese from leaving the country in the name of outbreak control.

However, numerous reports have been shared on social media where individuals attempting to exit the country were prevented from doing so, with some of these people having their passports cut by the border officers in China.

China is becoming North Korea on a large scale, slowly removing the freedom of its citizens. There are many indications that China’s doors are closing quietly.

In fact, a government notice was leaked online from April 2022 where government employees were encouraged to report any activities where individuals appear to be removing money from China.

In addition, any foreign notary services have been reportedly discontinued in China.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the Chinese economy is in deep trouble:

China’s property sector slid deeper into financial distress this week as two of the nation’s largest housing developers appeared to miss key payment deadlines for millions of dollars owed to global bondholders. Both companies—China Evergrande Group and Kaisha Group Holdings—are near the brink of default, but the latter looks like it has the better shot at a possible turnaround.

On Monday, Evergrande, China’s most indebted property developer with bills totaling more than $300 billion, reached the end of a 30-day grace period for $82.5 million in interest it failed to pay to overseas bondholders last month. The day came and went without an announcement from Evergrande which, in a statement Friday, acknowledged that it might not be able to cover the interest payments—and disclosed a further $260 million in overdue debts. Evergrande’s investors said Tuesday they had not received the interest payments.

A video was put together sharing these reports.

Watch it here: ChinaInsights/Youtube

Source: TheGatewayPundit

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