Democrats seem to be in trouble, mess after mess. After the Plandemic issue, now we have another liar who got slipped!

The Biden Administration has been reportedly forcing to move on from the Afghanistan debacle wherein such they try to ignore conversations in regards Afghanistan in the White House.

Recently on Friday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, says that All Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan have been able to do so, “I’m still focused on trying to get some of those brave Afghans out, The Americans, all of whom wanted to come out, have come out — praise God. But there are a lot of Afghans who risked their lives for our soldiers and others. Many got out, some didn’t, and I’m still working on trying to get some of them out.”

Sebastian Gorka DrG has been leery about the interview, see the clip on his tweet:

Schumer couldn’t really predict as he released a statement about what would be the impact of the chaotic debacle in Afghanistan withdrawal on 2022 midterm elections,” You know, I can’t predict that, I will say, there will be a job for congressional oversight. There always is.”

A spokesperson for Schumer has since admitted that the senator’s claim was inaccurate.

The statement goes, “He misspoke and he regrets the confusion his comments have caused, He intended to say, as he has been saying, that the U.S. will get everyone out that wants to get out. And he will keep working with the Biden Administration to help everyone who wants to get out.”

I don’t think you can misspeak a very sensitive issue unless you are simply lying. That’s it. Another liar caught in the act.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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