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Governor Cuomo must be a person that is on the edge of a mental breakdown every second of the day.

I mean, you have a state that you have completely ruined in more ways than a person could count. Then you have COVID come along.

Cuomo always seems to be like a guy that wishes he had an empire but at the end of the day doesn’t have a whole lot and even that he isn’t really good at.

Which is why it while probably doesn’t excuse him going off on reporters, it may well explain it.

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo got into a heated shouting match with Wall Street Journal reporter Jimmy Vielkind on Wednesday about whether New York City public schools would be closed again in response to a surge in coronavirus cases.

“I’m a little unclear about New York City schools,” Vielkind said. “The other day you said this is the city’s decision, they have an agreement at 3 percent. Today you said, ‘Well I might have to impose an orange zone and I might have to close the schools,’ which an orange zone does.

“So what’s going on? Does the city still have the ability to close its schools? Are you now taking control and saying that you have the power to make this decision? And for the millions of parents who want to know, are schools are going to be open tomorrow in New York City?”

“Alright, first of all, let’s try not to be obnoxious and offensive in your tone, because you’re 100 percent wrong,” Cuomo responded.

The governor then explained in a condescending tone how school reopenings and closures work with positivity rates.

“If you were paying attention, you would have known we closed the schools in New York City two weeks ago. Remember when we did an orange zone and a red zone in Brooklyn and Queens and we closed the schools?” Cuomo said. “Don’t you remember that?”

“It was three weeks ago.”

“OK, so what are you talking about? What are you talking about? ‘You’re now going to override’ — we did it already! That’s the law!” the governor shouted. “An orange zone and a red zone, follow the facts!” Cuomo shouted.

“I’m still confused,” Vielkind responded.

“Well then you’re confused!” the governor said.

“I’m confused and parents are still confused as well,” the reporter replied.

“No, they’re not confused. You’re confused,” Cuomo snapped back.

But Cuomo apparently had no clue what news was about to break just after his browbeating of Vielkind.

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