Dad buys his teenage daughter a car for her 16th Birthday and while he was checking it over to make sure it’s perfect, he found a mysterious letter inside the glove box.

Kevin Duke, the father of Jada was excited to purchase his daughter a car for her 16th Birthday that is this month (March).  Since he bought it the month before, he made sure to drive it around and fully inspect it to get any kinks out before giving her the generous gift.

What this dad didn’t expect was to find an envelope addressed to ” New Car Owner” hiding inside of the glove box. When he opened up the letter he was brought to tears. It was nothing that he had expected.

The letter was about the previous owner of the car, the writers mother. She had tragically passed away in a fire along with the writer’s aunt, and 6 year old daughter. The car was something that was very special to her and held a lot of sentimental value because of her dearly missed mother.

The writer of the letter couldn’t afford to keep the car because of the financial burden of the 3 funerals.  She said that the name of the car was Sylvia and that if they ever decided to sell the car in the future, when she’s able to afford it, to please find her.

Kevin was so touched by the letter that he took to Facebook to try and find the mysterious person who wrote it. After the post went viral the person who wrote it came forward. Now He’s set on raising enough money to buy his daughter a different car so he can give this woman her mothers car at no charge.


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  1. LOBO

    There are so many great people out there. Nice to read this because America is up to their eyeballs in hate, looting, razing buildings with their favorite tool fire. You possibly could have that as your friend after this life, for eternity. Well, look at what your dealing with.


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