Since Joe Biden’s son Hunter was linked to a Ukraine corruption scandal, a probe into his travel expense records revealed lavish spending without any explanation of who was paid. It’s not illegal, liberals insist, only “undocumented.” Somehow, on security alone, Hunter Biden managed to spend four times the Secret Service bill as “all four adult Trump children combined.”

Ukraine corruption probe

When the Senate announced a probe into Hunter Biden’s travel records, looking for “potential conflicts of interest,” which would indicate Ukraine corruption, The Washington Free Beacon started digging into public records. They found that the former Vice President’s son racked up a huge security bill. All by himself, Hunter Biden spent four times what all of the Trump children spent put together.

As Joe Biden served as Barack Obama’s Vice President, his son Hunter Biden, an admitted crack cocaine addict and alcoholic, “traveled with a Secret Service entourage to at least 10 different countries, including China, Qatar, and South Africa.”

He lived the lifestyle of the rich and famous, jetting around the world, wheeling and dealing. When he visited Qatar, Hunter Biden and his private security force all checked in at the St. Regis Doha, “a luxury hotel that cost taxpayers roughly $11,000.”

Taxpayers shelled out $193,696 for the Secret Service entourage that kept him out of trouble, according to an official government database. The money went to lots of people cryptically listed as “miscellaneous foreign contractor” or “miscellaneous foreign awardee.” All four adult Trump children have so far charged $40,000 combined, on travel related security expenses.

Out in the field

In 2013, Joe Biden proudly told a group of elite South Korean students at Yonsei University about his son’s philanthropy. The way Joe describes it makes is sound as if he signed up with the peace corp to go dig wells. “My grown son has just boarded a plane,” Biden proclaimed, “He’s chairman of the World Food Program USA, and he’s going there out in the field.”

The database shows that the expense accounts of Hunter’s multiple trips to the Phillippines are all marked “WFP” for World Food Program. They don’t show where the money went though. According to Sean Moulton, a senior policy analyst at the Project on Government Oversight, lumping all the Secret Service related payments as “miscellaneous” is a “frustrating lack of transparency.”

The secrecy may not be all that sinister he warns. “Sometimes there are security concerns for recipients of USA money (either contracts or aid) that require keeping them anonymous to protect them from possible reprisals from those unhappy with our country.” That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for abuse. “But too often the convention is used for convenience because agencies may not have all of the information required to be reported for each foreign contractor.” It could also be used to cover up frivolous or unrelated charges.

Senate probe of Biden’s travel

Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson are digging into Hunter Biden’s travel. They ordered all of Hunter’s Secret Service travel records looking for “potential conflicts of interest posed by the business activities of Hunter Biden and his associates.” While Hunter was trotting around the globe, his dad “handled the Obama White House’s Ukraine policy.”

They are focusing their investigation on two countries, Ukraine and China. In Ukraine, Hunter sat on the board of directors for Burisma. Burisma was being hammered by a prosecutor until Quid Pro Joe cut off the country’s foreign aid. He basically blackmailed them into firing the prosecutor. Trump’s investigation of that got him impeached.

Hunter Biden was also tangled up with China. He served on the board of Chinese private equity company BHR Partners. Hunter set up the December 4, 2013 “meet-and-greet between Joe Biden and BHR CEO Jonathan Li.” Hunter Biden visited China at least three times, once before and once after the meeting with Joe Biden. The records show his travel to China cost the public around $13,000.

It’s no surprise that the Biden family would play fast and loose with the accounting. While Joe Biden was in the White House, he billed the Secret Service for “agents stationed in his Wilmington, Del., property, costing taxpayers $171,600 between 2011 and 2017.”

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  1. Donald Nicholas

    And all if this is low hanging fruit! Multiply this by “at least” 535 plus the staff and you have a huge cash cow. Throw in all the kids and extended family and associates, especially among the long serving members and you’ve got a swamp.

  2. Ron Hopkins

    All these years of “ it’s only uncle Joe” and now the real uncle Joe is finally coming out. The Biden family is corrupt to the max. Joe, his son, Joe’ s brother and who knows who else will be exposed. Fifty (50) years in public office and this corrupt slimeball is being exposed at last. Fifty years of sucking off the taxpayers dime and feeding his family with his connections. And idiots out there still believe he’s going to bring change when in fact he’s nothing but one of the problems. Only a dumbed down populace could think ( and I use that lightly) that this senile flip-flopping, old corrupt scab would be good for America. He’s just a sample of the Democratic Party. The party of corruption, hate, communism, and everything America isn’t. I’m 67 years old and in my lifetime I’m seeing my country die right in front of me. I worry about the life of my grandchildren and my great grandchildren because of all those countries, dictators, communists, socialists, haters, and all the rest who want to destroy the greatest country to ever be. Capitalism isn’t perfect , far from it, but it’s the best thing out there because nothing comes close to being even second. I’ll fight till my dying day, because my country and my family deserve it. Never give in to the left. FIGHT !


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