When I was in my mid-twenties, I started a job working at this small manufacturing facility and ended up working there for just a couple of months. I should have known from the start it wasn’t going to be that long.

I started working for this company and almost immediately the guy that was training me and showing me around disappeared. It was weird, and then after a couple of days, it became apparent. He had traveled to Mexico to facilitate the purchase of the company by a Mexican conglomerate.

We were all going to eventually be replaced by foreign workers in another country who would do the same job for literal peanuts. This happened under Bill Clinton, another Democrat President.

A recent poll shows just how out of touch Democratic voters are or possibly just how much they hate America and all it stands for. It’s an opinion shared by the liberals they continually elect. The question was a simple one. Should major US companies hire Americans or should they be allowed to bring in cheap foreign labor to displace Americans? Not just a lot of Democrats said foreign labor but a majority said so.

There is one good thing I can see coming out of it. Once we displace enough Americans, parents will decide it’s not worth sending their kids to college after which they become unemployed or greeters at Walmart or maybe managing a Wawa Convenience Store. That way they don’t get indoctrinated at out liberal universities that go broke because no one is willing to pay their exorbitant tuition fees.

The poll was taken from January 31 to February 4 with survey of 1,250 likely voters. The question was:

“Should Congress increase the number of foreign workers taking higher-skill U.S. jobs or does the country already have enough talented people to train and recruit for most of those jobs?”

By a total of 61 to 28% agreed that “The country already has enough talented people to train and recruit for most of those jobs.” Republicans split at 78 percent to 14 percent against, and swing-voting “other” split 66 percent to 22 percent. Conservatives split 74 percent to 19 percent, and “moderates” split 61 percent to 27 percent.

But with Democratic voters it was completely different. 45 percent for foreign hiring with 41% against. Liberals went with foreign workers over Americans by 46 percent for CEOs’ preferences, to just 39 percent for hiring U.S. graduates.

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2 Responses

  1. ox

    Not only are Democrat voters out of touch, they have been brainwashed through the years by the liberal commie Democrats. Democrat voters get what you paid for. They were brainwashed to hate Trump with a passion. Now they have lying corrupt Quid Pro Joe and the liberal commie Democrats and they are going to put millions out of work, all in the fraudulent claim of climate change. Don’t worry though, while the people will have to learn how to ride a bike and start jogging to work, commie Kerry will still be using his Lear Jet to get around.

  2. Big Ed

    How wonderful we are-we Americans. We are in a recession brought about by a virus pandemic. There are several things we now need, the two that are highest on that list are jobs and vaccine for the extermination of the virus. Yet, here we are giving our jobs to foreigners and from a blog I read about five minutes ago the vaccine has been diverted to illegals who are streaming to the US (mostly for our jobs and our vaccine). We citizens, who are expected to pay for the whole damned thing, are dying from overdose of Mexican supplied drugs desperation and the virus-but we’ll just have to wait for our turn. America last you know-it’s only fair.


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