We’ve been seen enough of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, since day one from being installed in the office, they bring more problems than solutions to our current issues.

In fact, their current poll numbers show it all, they’re totally thrown out the bus. Meanwhile, their so-called allies have been jumping from a sinking ship.

The January 6th incident made a huge impact on most Americans no to trust our intelligence agencies. Many Trump-supporting Americans were arrested for their role in an armless “insurrection.”

People like former Oath Keepers AZ Chapter President Ray Epps, who spent two days calling on Trump supporters to join him at the Capitol instead of at the Elipse, briefly appeared on the FBI’s Most Wanted list only to disappear.

In this Biden regime, we’ve seen a lot of trouble small businesses collapse because Americans who were paid a king’s ransom to stay home during the Wuhan pandemic refuse to go back to work.

Meanwhile, China and Russia are on the march, fuel and food prices skyrocket, and the number of Democrat lawmakers who’ve announced their retirement before the 2022 election stands at an astounding 19, as of today.

Now, Democrats and Dr. Evil were hoping to pump up to crisis levels and use the omicron variant in their political agenda. But it turns out this variant with “very, very mild symptoms,”…the Deep State needs something has to happen to distract the American public.

And now, a group of masked men, who no one has ever heard of, headed to Washington DC. They marched to the Lincoln Memorial, and then almost as quickly as they came, they marched back to the UHaul trucks that brought them to the event.

The Left immediately made up stories about the group and their ties to “right-wing” extremists and “white supremacy.”

The only problem is…no one on the right has ever heard of these guys. Conservatives, however, seem to think they have a pretty good idea about where this new group came from.

Disclose TV reported on the group. Ryan Hunsader responded with a hilarious GIF.

Conservative Art Taking Back America asked if this group is “Another false flag?

Here, the group of masked men can be seen almost running away from their final destination, the Lincoln Memorial:

Conservatives who spend most of their lives reporting about political news or activities have never heard of the “Patriot Front” group.

McKayla J, who has over 102K followers on Twitter, tweeted a warning about a false flag: I’m in a lot of Political circles, and I’ve NEVER heard of this “Patriot Front” event, wanna know why? Because this isn’t our event, this is a FBI, Antifa orchestrated red flag event to create a distraction. Be vigilant, stay focused

Kyle Becker, with over 213K followers on Twitter, had this to say about the group marching in DC:

Pro-Tip: The whole point of a False Flag operation is that it’s not immediately clear who is responsible. If you are forming a “front group” of “Patriots” (the preferred term for smearing actual patriots), the name shouldn’t be an obvious one. Say, “Patriot Front,” for example.

Read more of this commentary reporting from 100percentfedup.

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