The United States government has been heavily criticized after Joe Biden was installed in the White House earlier this year. Wondered why?

Basically, most Americans are leery about the so-called WIN of Joe Biden from the 2020 elections causing the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Many casualties have been reported but the Government is more focused on hunting who are those aggressive citizens during the riot. Is that even necessary? I mean you should be more concerned about the aftermath, right? But hey, what could you expect from the Biden regime? It’s just a blame party.

More and more Americans are showing standing up against Tyrant Biden. We can’t hide it anymore…after all, ‘F Joe Biden’ has been a national pastime chant for most events like in sports arenas.

It was certain that his poll numbers just keep dropping, and it’s a real “mathematical feat” for ol’ Joe…after all, he supposedly won 81 million votes – you’d think with a number like that, it’d make a helluva lot longer than 9-short-months to drop into the 30s in the polls, right?

And for the record, the pollster is Quinnipiac which is left-leaning as they get…to the point of absurdity. So basically that means that the actual numbers are practically lower than it seems. Shocking!

And CNN’s Jake Tapper could not even hide his shock at the latest poll numbers.

Source: WayneDupree

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