The Biden family corruption is revealed in a video clip that shows how long the corruption has been circulating in the said family, and this include during the debate between Biden and President Trump as Joe Biden was caught lying that Hunter Biden’s laptop is not real and pointing the blame to Russian.

The 100 Percent Fed Up previously reported:

Tucker Carlson discussed the double standard between the Hunter Biden and the American people during his opening monologue tonight. He described how information was suppressed about Hunter Biden until after the election because it could harm Joe Biden’s chances to be elected POTUS.

The news broke this week that this was a purposeful effort by intel officials who tried to claim it was the Russians pushing a fake laptop from the Kremlin. Carlson plays a video of Biden from the debate where he spews the lie. Stunning…What’s even more stunning is a follow-up clip of Hunter Biden discussing whether this was his laptop.

And according to Politico report:

The US Attorney for the state of Deleware, David Weiss, held the information back…” at the request of the Biden family and their lawyers.” Wow!

During the video in ‘Sunday Morning Futures’, Maria Bartiromo started her interview with Peter Schweitzer by confirming if the said Hunter Biden laptop exists. It exists!

Watch it here: Youtube/Ancholik Music

According to Peter Schweitzer, an investigative reporter, this new “art scheme” of Hunter Biden is “genius.” For years Schweitzer has been revealing the Biden family’s crime.

He added that the art market is a very subjective one like there’s no way someone will question after paying it and that makes this market corrupt. Every piece is priced up to $500k that is being sold to foreign entities. This scheme is a perfect set-up for the Biden crime family.

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, Politico

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