Everyone who will go against and dare question the vaccine will be eliminated from all social media and every site on the planet, as a matter of fact by our tyrant leader Joe Biden with his special agent Jen Psaki.

Well,  the mission has already started long before his special agent Psaki exposes it.

Facebook is now being called by Biden as a serial killer who kept on “killing people” just because according to him the platform failed to censor any negative information against the vaccine.

And as expected there is no valid proof or sources that can back up Biden’s allegation about Facebook, or maybe because he’s only making these things from his “Dementia” mind.

Since these two are on their mission, will they also include their very own team member Kamala Harris on their social media removal?

A newly found clip is showing how Kamala and Joe trying to “kill people” by providing “misinformation” about the vaccine.

This whole thing seems the same as the allegation they are throwing with Facebook and just like “killing” Americans that worse than the Civil War and 9/11 combined,

People reacted about this online and here are some of the comments made:

“How it ended: “The unvaccinated are killing people,” says the president of the United States.” 

“Is…is this misinformation?” 

“hilarious. feckless garbage cans. all. of. them.”

“Political Science”

“These people are beyond contempt. This is evil.”

“Psychopaths act like that. How have we let them get this far considering this, the Hunter laptop, and the censoring?”

“If a politician tells me I should take it…I am not taking it. I will talk to my doctor and make my own decision. not just because “they” say so”

Biden is fully aware of the main reason why American’s consistently rejecting the vaccine, not because of the “misinformation” that he’s complaining about, but because of the truth that this vaccine is not yet ready and fully developed since it hasn’t gone through the years of proper trials and testing yet.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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