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One time, several years ago I was on a trip where I passed through about four states in one day. In each one of those states, I had to make a stop and a gas purchase of some kind.

The fourth time that I made the purchase I saw that my card was denied and that it was on a security hold from my bank because so many purchases were made in so many states at one time they assumed it had been stolen. I called my bank and in five minutes everything was fixed.

Now, if they can do that for something as simple as buying gas in a state you don’t normally buy gas in….shouldn’t they be able to make sure people aren’t voting more than once..

The FBI has requested that the “Voter Integrity Project” investigation for the conservative Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society be turned over to them.

The records are allegedly of those who voted multiple times in the presidential election in both their old state, and in their new one. Of course, that is illegal and many of those votes could get tossed.

This is no small thing. Apparently, there are a couple of hundred thousands of duplicate voters. In Georgia, if just 1/6th of the duplicates are tossed out, Trump wins the state. It would also make up ground in other swing states.

But, if you are like me, you have very little faith in the FBI at this point. And even if they do investigate, Joe Biden will insist the prosecutor get fired.

And what happens if the prosecutor doesn’t get fired? Will Biden withhold a loan guaranty to Hunter Biden?

Just joking.

But, I am certain Biden will shut down any and all investigations into Democrats. That might be what John Durham is counting on. He does not relish dropping it on his own but he would probably welcome Biden doing it for him.

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