It was previously reported on how President Joe Biden is showing some signs of dementia and being called “Sleepy Joe.”

One of these incidents shows when he stumbled upon a staircase thrice while he was boarding his Air Force One plane on Mach. The incident happened as Biden headed to meet Asian-American community leaders after a major shooting at a parlor this week. The US President can be seen holding on to the side railings of the staircase and heading up to board the plane when he fell once and then again two times before he could gain balance.

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media. After composing himself, the US President later gave a customary salute from the top of the staircase as he entered the plane.

Joe Biden, 78, is the oldest president in the history of the United States. He was able to defeat Donald Trump in a bitter contest during the 2020 elections.

After the incident, the White House has said Biden was “doing fine”.
Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told White House pool reporters Biden was “100 percent” fine.

“It was very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself. He is doing 100 percent,” she said, reported The Independent, adding that “he’s preparing for the trip just fine”.

Notably, concerns have been raised regarding Biden’s health. He had last year suffered a hairline fracture in his right foot while playing with his dog Major. Trump’s campaign also attacked him over his fitness and Trump even coined the term “sleepy Joe”, which is used more often during poll campaigning.

And another proof of dementia just happened last Thursday, when Biden got lost himself on stage. Joe arrived on stage and realized he could not find his facemask. The president already had his two vaccine shots but still wears a mask as a prop. He even wants everyone to get a vaccine shot too.

When the first lady saw what was happening with the president on the stage, Nurse Jill came to the rescue and helped Biden look for the mask in his notebook and on the podium.

After seeing that the two could not find the essential mask, an alternative aide ran on stage with a spare mask and hand it over to the panicking Biden.

And eventually, they found it in his pocket.


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  1. Steven Silveus

    The only time the mask’s work is when someone with covid sneeze’s or cough’s and your in the vicinity of them, otherwise your just rebreathing your carbon dioxide, which is not very smart


    If Quid Pro Joe needs more protection, perhaps he should get vaccinated against the Wuhan Red Death before he goes to any outing or presser? He should not believe in the two mask theory from Dr. Fauxci mask corporation.

  3. RP

    What I think is hilarious, is the fact there are two vehicles in the background. There are about ten people including Secret Service protection, as the whole audience, besides Joe, the doctor, and handlers. There’s probably no one out in the audience, although the handlers are acting as though they’re really whipping up the crowd. The loud speaker system is drowning out any audience noise there is. Doesn’t really matter. How much noise would two people in the audience make? This is just another flim-flam, hocus pocus, smoke and mirrors, deception; to make it appear people like and support this traitor.


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