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I  have an old friend that lives in a town of 250 people, that’s it. He has been on some sort of restriction as far as movement goes for months on end.

Now, he does own about fifty acres of land so he is well stocked and doesn’t need to leave his property, but the idea that he is being told that he can’t is absolutely sickening to him.

People need to be allowed to move around and to be able to, as long as they are doing it safely, move around without having to worry about being arrested.

“Listen to the science.”

That’s been the rallying cry of the left on a myriad of issues over the past several years: abortion, sex and gender, climate change and, most recently, the coronavirus.

Never mind the fact that objective science often disagrees with the left’s contentions.

So, they should be happy to reopen the country now that over 6,500 scientists and medical professionals have signed an anti-lockdown petition, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

The petition, written by Dr. Sunetra Gupta of the University of Oxford, Dr. Martin Kulldorff of Harvard and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, calls for the United States and the United Kingdom to end their lockdowns and promotes allowing the virus to spread among young people in order to build herd immunity.

Over 60,000 members of the public have backed the petition.

The authors advocate protecting those who are vulnerable while letting the rest of us get back to business as usual.

In support, the petition cites the low death rate among young and healthy people who contract the coronavirus, as well as the negative physical and mental effects of the continued lockdowns.

“Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal,” the scientists wrote.

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