Everyone wants to get a cheap payday for something, and a lot of the time they try to get it from a big corporation.

Now, there’s a difference between someone trying to get a payout from something that actually caused them some kind of damage like fall or food poisoning or the like.

For example, one of my sisters got a small settlement and medical bills paid for from a place she ate at last year that gave her food poisoning so bad she ended up in the hospital for a day or two. That’s a good reason.

A bad reason is when you have a no harm, no foul situation. According to the pork subsection of Islam, if you unknowingly eat pork and then realize halfway through that you did, you’re supposed to basically spit it out, brush your teeth and that’s the end of it. You don’t call the cops or a lawyer.

A “devastated” Muslim man is demanding an apology and compensation after he bit into a pork sausage McMuffin that McDonald’s accidentally served him.

Fida Hussein, 49, says he ordered an egg and cheese McMuffin without any meat, but a McDonald’s employee accidentally added pork sausage to the breakfast sandwich.

Hussein said he immediately knew something was wrong when he took a bite of the pork and said it left him “devastated.”

“I trusted them, he explains. “I was watching Judge Judy and bit into the McMuffin and knew instantly when I tasted it that it was meat.”

“The taste was horrible, I knew straightaway and spat it out. It’s just completely wrong. It’s a sensitive subject, it could happen to anyone, vegan or if a person is on a particular diet.”

McDonald’s has offered Hussein food vouchers, but he’s not happy with their offer and said it’s not enough.

Hussein called the mistake McDonald’s made “diabolical” and said the employees should never make mistakes.

The Daily Mail reported:

A Muslim man has hit out at McDonald’s after he was given a sausage McMuffin instead of his meat-free order.

The former self-employed courier claims he returned immediately to the restaurant  and spoke to both a female and male manager who advised him to complain online via details on the reverse of his receipt.

‘The woman tried to tell me ‘can we keep it quiet and deal with it in store’ but obviously I was not happy at all.’

The father-of-four added: ‘I am a practising Muslim with a nice, long beard and proud of it so they knew.

‘I’ve kept myself away from it [pork] all my life. McDonald’s is a big name, it’s a huge retailer. They shouldn’t make mistakes like this.’

He said he was given a replacement egg and cheese McMuffin and contacted the company’s head office which, he alleges, has since emailed him to say the matter is resolved as he accepted a replacement meal.

McDonald’s refute this and said it is still working to resolve the complaint.

Although the chain has offered Mr Hussain meal vouchers, he is not happy with the outcome.

He said: ‘I would like an apology and financial compensation. I’m devastated. It’s put me off McDonald’s and I’m mortified.

‘It’s diabolical for a professional retailer that’s worldwide.’

Muslims have turned eating pork into a cash pig.

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    Was Mr. Hussein blind? Egg and cheese sure looks a lot different than than an egg and sausage as my McDonald’s. You don’t have to eat it to spot the mistake. The sausage may have been Halal.

    • kodster

      I doubt it as pork is the issue, not the Halal. In Islam, pork is forbidden to eat, just as it is in Judaism.

  2. kodster

    The man will lose unless the courts cave into Sharia law. He’s got a pair of eyes that work. When he opened the sandwich up to eat it, it would have been VERY obvious that there was meat on the sandwich, and he should have returned it to the counter, then. If I was on the jury deciding this case, I would say, sorry about your luck, dude… we’re not caving into your ridiculous claims because you’re a grown man who should be able to think for himself, not try to scam and lie your way through life, because your ideology gives you permission to do so.


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