There’s a huge difference between thinking someone is spying on you and actually finding out they are, and the difference is mostly in how much sleep you get and how safe you feel in your own home.
That’s why Jerome and Ashley Kennedy took swift action as soon as they began hearing strange noises in their attic – setting up a home security system that eventually caught someone doing the unthinkable.
It all started when the couple began hearing strange noises in their attic late at night they thought they might have rats, but then Jerome saw a light shining through a pipe above his head and knew something wasn’t right.
Jerome, a protective dad felt danger for his family so he decided to install the cameras in his attic and around the home. Jerome felt that a home surveillance system would be the best way to get started. But he never expected such a culprit would show up on video.

But he never expected such a culprit would show up on video and found to his horror that his neighbor, 69-year-old Robert Havrilla, had been creeping around in their attic:

According to reports, Robert was renovating his own space next door to the Kennedy home, and he’d installed a removable wall to gain access to their attic.

But that wasn’t all: Jerome discovered that Robert had apparently drilled multiple holes in a common wall in order to spy on the family.

The neighbor was arrested and has pled not guilty to charges of trespassing and stalking. The Kennedys hope that he will be charged for his alleged crimes so that they can sleep soundly at night.

Havrilla was then arrested but he did not confess to crimes he is accused of committing. Instead, he pleaded not guilty and planned to fight the charges in court. He was charged with trespassing and stalking the Kennedy family and does not agree with the prosecution on the case.

Leaving the Kennedy family traumatized by the ordeal. They want Havrilla to be locked away behind bars – or face whatever the judge decides is a fair punishment for breaking into the Kennedy home repeatedly to spy on them. Knowing that justice was served would help the Kennedys, and their baby sleeps better at night.

Watch the video report from Inside Edition below to meet the Kennedys and hear about the horrible behavior Robert Havrilla stands accused of. What do you think about these allegations?

Watch it here: InsideEdition/Youtube

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2 Responses

  1. Original Anna

    Trespassing? Isn’t that more of an invasion of the house just like a robbery. He stole their privacy and the police are just charging the neighbor with trespassing. He was spying on them without their permission. He also damaged their house with his spy holes and his doorway into their house. That’s more like robbery.

  2. Jesse

    Personally I would have waited till he was back on my side of the wall then put a couple of shotgun rounds through the ceiling into his carcass. That would ensure both peace to the family but that he could NEVER spy on anyone else for that matter. But that is just me.


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