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Now, I know that people when they are gone often have the family members or friends that are left behind come and visit them. I know one guy who would listen to baseball games on the radio when he would visit his dad.

I have seen people leave cigars, bottles of rum, and even books. My 90 year old grandmother has gone every other week to my grandfather’s to tend to the flowers and things like that.

On the other hand, there are some things that when you hear about people doing them you have to wonder either what the person was thinking or if they were thinking at all.

A Bentonville man told a judge he was honoring a man by repeatedly putting dead animals on his grave. Joseph Stroud, 79, pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor defacing objects of public respect.

He was originally charged with a felony, but agreed to plead guilty to the lesser charge under a plea deal.

Stroud was given a one-year suspended sentence. He must pay $2,529 in victim restitution within 30 days. Stroud was arrested Aug. 10. He admitted damaging a burial monument by repeatedly placing dead animals on Fred McKinney’s gravestone between May 31 and July 31 in the Pea Ridge Cemetery.

Benton County Circuit Judge Robin Green questioned why she should accept the plea agreement. Tyler Hawkins, deputy prosecutor, said Alison Lee, Stroud’s attorney, had provided him with a report from a neurologist who had examined Stroud and diagnosed him with vascular dementia. Hawkins said the plea was offered because Lee has a basis to file for a mental evaluation since there’s a possibility the diagnosis affects Stroud’s judgment and impulse control.
Hawkins said McKinney’s family was in favor of the plea and wanted the money to replace McKinney’s headstone.

“They will have to replace the headstone because of the blood and guts,” Hawkins said. “It’s permanently stained.”

The judge asked whether there were any reasons Stroud should be allowed back in the cemetery.

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