A man donned a blonde wig and dressed as a woman so he could secretly record girls and women in a Massachusetts mall’s restroom was arrested later for possession of child pornography.

A 23-year-old Jacob Guerrero, Amazon driver took illicit photos of girls as young as 8, including through a bedroom window and in the women’s bathroom at a Massachusetts department store while dressed in drag, according to police.

Guerrero was initially busted by cops in Massachusetts last month for allegedly using a pen camera attached to his sneaker to photograph young girls at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets in late August while donning a blonde wig.

According to The Sun Chronicle reports, “He allegedly entered stalls next to 12 victims and took videos without their knowledge. Of the 12, five girls were under age 18 and some were estimated to be as young as 8, Police Chief Bill McGrath said.”

On August 24, a mother of a girl who had been at the mall called police, who were given a photo of Guerrero loitering in a hallway before he followed a group of young girls inside the bathroom.

Guerrero visited the mall close to 12 times between July 11 and Aug. 24, according to the police.

The Sun Chronicle noted that on Sept. 2, Guerrero was arrested over a traffic stop and later released “after pleading innocent to photographing an unsuspecting nude person, also known as the ‘up-skirting law,’ according to court records.”

Mass Live explained the incident,

“The law makes it a misdemeanor, punishable by 2 ½ years in the House of Corrections and a fine of up to $5,000, to secretly photograph a person’s ‘sexual or other intimate parts’ under or around their clothing under circumstances when ‘a reasonable person would believe’ those parts would not be visible to the public. It makes it a felony to disseminate such pictures. The penalties are increased when the victim is a child under age 18.”

A search warrant for Guerrero’s car and cellphone later turned up 240 video clips and 23 images.

The investigation included a photo of pen cameras that record video laced into Guerrero’s sneakers, CBS Boston reported.

Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath stated, “Some of the children he allegedly had on his phone were 8, 9, 10, 11 years old.” Guerrero worked for Amazon as a delivery driver. “Investigators say it was his work that led him to at least one victim,” CBS Boston reported.

Guerrero was accused of “taking a video of a 10- or 11-year-old girl in Norfolk who was changing into her pajamas in her bedroom. Guerrero was allegedly outside the home, which may have been on his delivery route, authorities said,” according to The Sun Chronicle. That allegedly happened on March 17.

McGrath said, “He had returned to a home that was on his route and actually filmed a child through a second-story window.”

“Police say much of the evidence was recorded out of state during trips that Guerrero took to New Jersey and California,” CBS Boston noted.

McGrath cautioned the public not to assume delivery drivers had ill-intent, saying, “If you have one person who’s done a horrific thing or a bad thing, I don’t care if it’s police or the media or Amazon drivers, it certainly isn’t a reflection of all of them, and that’s not a picture we want to paint.”

Sources: DailyWire, CBS Boston, Mass Live, The Sun Chronicle

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