If you have a bottle of Heinz ketchup in your refrigerator, I suggest you pause reading this article and throw it out right now.

The video below will make your stomach turn. The food we consume shouldn’t come from other countries, especially 3rd world countries whose population is 85% American hating Muslim’s. Would you trust someone who hates you touching your food? No, no way.

The video that has gone viral below proves exactly why food processing should be done here in America. You can see the Islamic employees carelessly throwing rotten tomatoes in for processing into ketchup…DISGUSTING!

| When video footage from a ketchup plant outside Cairo, Egypt went viral, Heinz quickly launched a PR campaign to cover their tracks. In the clip, footage demonstrates that rotten tomatoes are used at the plant to manufacture the world’s most popular ketchup brand.

In the short clip which is circulating the globe as you read this, one man stands on top an open box of tomato as he hurls the rotten food into the processing line.
Now that the clip has gone viral, the food giant announced that they are “100 percent committed to quality”. Meanwhile the video evidence seems to indicate that the quality on the Heinz production line seems to be “completely misleading and inaccurate.”




Heinz tried to cover this up by saying the video is “misleading”. The original Youtube video we were going to post was even taken down. Hopefully the one above doesn’t get taken down too. Share this story before it’s deleted and get rid of that nasty ketchup!

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  1. Jb

    and we wonder why so many Americans are getting sick…. I dont trust other countries with what goes into my body… good thing I dont use ketchup… hate the stuff… especially knowing that those who hate us are handling our food products!

    • ozmozis

      Its usually America poisoning the rest of us with thier GMO shit a toxic pesticides,i avoid all American food like products.They will probs send a drone for dareing to tell them the truth.

      • Swededawg

        What an ignorant statement. Do a little research before spouting off ignorance.

      • Jim

        When God observed His creation on the sixth day, He said it was “very good” (Genesis 1:31). But man has decided it is not good, so has decided to modify His creation genetically. The fox in the hen house has told us GMO is good. We will see the harvest of our arrogance in 20-30 40 years. It’s just a matter of time. I have been taking a BP med for 40 years. Safe? A few years ago, it was announced that long term usage of this drug causes cataracts. I have had cataracts removed from both eyes, fully 15 years before my father had them. He did not take those med. The FDA and Dept Ag are reckless compromisers. Why is it there is so much denial about the nicotinoides? Why are so many drugs taken off the market within even a few years of approval because of severe side effects, birth defects and even death? Why is it that the studies reveal HFCS and hydrogenated oils are so damaging it is still used? Why is it the various colors in food which are carcinogenic still used in foods?? Why is it the congress passed a bill requiring a processor jump through a multitude of hoops to show food is non- GMO? To me it is simple, a food is either GMO or it is not, thus the labeling should be simple. If it is GMO require that it be put on the label. That it would cost so much to relabel is a ruse. After all, they still put the cancer causing colors on the labels. Why is it the USA is cancer nation of the world? Why is it India has a small fraction of the four major cancers which plague the USA? It’s all about the money, not about our health. Obfuscation is the method to seduce the public into thinking all is well. Trust the gov?????? Even prostitutes are more honest. What they do is not honorable, but they are honest, providing the service they promised. The gov is neither honest nor honorable! Liars go to hell (Rev 21:8)

      • Mike

         How do you think  medicine is discovered and tested? It was developed then given to folks to take and then studied over time. Of course there is risk, but also the potential for great benefit. So your medicine caused cataracts. Modern medicine apparently corrected them.  At the time they couldnt have known all the possible side effects of your prescription and perhaps even if they did the benefits outweighted the risks. You’re alive. You haven’t died due to your high blood pressure.  Which you say you’ve had for over 40 years. GMO food was only started about 1994 so what entity are you blaming for you’re blood pressure issues to begin with ? Im guessing its the hydrogenated oils. The ones everyone always knew were terrible. The ones doctors have always said were bad in excess. The ones that apparently the lying govt needs to ban because people cant be trusted to make responsible, individual decisions.
         Perhaps the USA is the “cancer nation of the world” because here it is diagnosed amd treated. The average life expectancy in the USA is almost 10 years longer than in India. Might be caused by modern medicine, might be environmental factors, maybe it’s  our access to a nutritionally diverse food due to our nation’s food surplus partially due to GMO crops. GMO is just a co-opt ing of nature’s selection process. And like it or not it’s also a modern necessity. Organic natural farming (which is an oxymoron because farming crops by its own nature isn’t natural) couldn’t supply the world’s food needs when the population was at 3 billion. We’re currently at 7 billion and globally have a food surplus thanks to gmo crops. Which is better?A belly full of GMO produce and an 80 year life expectancy or an early demise due to starvation and malnutrition? Starvation and malnutrition are all natural however.

      • JohnnyBird

        Why is it that some religious zealot always come around in a forum and tries to spew their theologian bullshit as either cause or cure. In this case I’d rather eat the tainted food then listen to their messianic diatribe.

      • Sharon

        @Mike…GMOs are NOT just “co-opting” nature! Although plants can be crossbred with other plants, replacing pieces of DNA to enable a plant to withstand pesticides like Roundup would NEVER, EVER, EVER happen naturally. I don’t think GMOs are “Frankenfood”, nor are they inherently dangerous. It’s what that genetic manipulation allows farmers to do to their crops that bothers me. The indiscriminate spraying of pesticides onto food crops is slowly killing us. And, since Roundup is systemic, it cannot be washed off. Either label GMO-containing products or ship all of them to India!

      • Richard

        Most of the retards parroting lines about GMO’s don’t even know what GMO’s are or why they are beneficial.

      • Karen

        “beneficial”???? You are a loon aren’t you. They are shortening our lives, but hey you probably think vaccines are a great idea too.

      • Vandemack

        What was ignorant about it he’s right. America’s food supply has been diluted with poison for decades. There is information everywhere to support it. Teresa few obvious ones , Steroids, antibiotics, GMO, Pesticedes , fructose syrup, Bleached wheat gluten….etc …Sure it wont kill ya right away it most likely result in a slow cancer ridden death.

      • JohnnyBird

        Earth to Karen, come in Karen, are you there? Jenny McCarthy is that you??? if anything we’re living longer now than we ever have before and there is absolutely no evidence to back up either of the two things you mentioned such as the vaccines being harmful and life being shortened. You see, some of the worst statements ever are made are by scientists who use phrases such as: “it seems as though there may be”, or when a news reporter says, “some scientists believe”, or “researchers think”. These are all sayings based on opinions, ideas had, hypothesis, and guess work. But no facts or real proof only assumption. but sadly aloof ignorant people will hear this and turn it from guesswork to the gospel, and regurgitate it over and over and over with absolutely nothing to back up their claim. And please, don’t waste your breath by turning things around and try to throw this back on me by saying, “well prove that they don’t”, because you can’t prove a negative.

      • Terry Tate

        OZMOZIS, I’ve been eating American Food all my life 57 now. Your full of it, its always a good ideal to read labels idiot!

      • Colleen

        We don’t want the gmo crap either. I can’t wait to get to a point where I can grow my own with heirloom seeds!

      • Linda

        They’re among some of the most unclean people in the world. I’d rather sleep with a real pig.

    • Ragnor Sicklesteel

      Absolutely right about that. I also will not by farm raised seafood NO MATTER WHO GROWS IT!…..

    • ozmozis

      Its your own company,s that are poisoning you,s. American food is the most toxic and dangerious in the world.There should be a ban on all food like products coming out of America.Just look at your people how fat and ill they look.

      • Craig

        You with your fake name, and hidden identity.. STFU … you are toxic, and rotten and honestly I doubt you are an American.. Probably some Muslim Scum bag… who deserves a bullet.

      • James

        Typical american, too blinded by the MSM.

        AMERICA is the WORLDS TERRORIST and the CIA are the one to blame for ALL recent global issue’s.

        You deserve the bullet you asshole, wake up and stop being a cunt

      • Terry Tate

        James, Spout your threats, in the real World you’re a Coward!

      • jay

        James,you must suck Farrakan’s Dick.Sorry sane peoplel for the crudity but Obama and his hate America love muslim Transhuman Ideology has brought this racist horror to our shores..F islam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Badrooster

        James. I don’t know which is sadder. Your apparent disdain for this country, or the fact that you were conceived in the first place. I foresee a visit from the FBI the CIA and Homeland security in your future. If this is truly the way that you feel then you sir need to clear out of my country that I’ve had the honor to serve and protect. You need to take your goat humping ass to another country far from the USA. I’m sure that other countries with the same attitude as yours would welcome you with open arms right before they lob off your worthless head.

    • Frenchie

      err…how do you spot an extremist…I mean look at all those extremist Christians they have in America…especially in the redneck bible belt……oh and what about the KKK, are they still gaining popularity with their burning crosses…I mean what about the Amish….aren’t they extreme in the way they live….oooh and not forgetting Jehovah’s witnesses…now look at them, they continually hound you at your own front door, what’s it with all the little books they have to write the house numbers in? Mormons…now there’s an extreme…oh and what’s the other one…Scientology…extreme or what?
      As for using rotten toms…wrong on so many levels, but I bet its the company that’s asking them to…BTW isn’t Heinz part of Kraft which is American? Americans should have the jobs…but hey Trump should really pull his clothing line back from Asia and give those jobs to Americans….he should set a good example…..

      • RTM9999

        Frenchie wouldn’t know an extremist if he/she came up and bit him/her in the butt. The Christians in the Bible Belt are largely peaceful law abiding people. As for the Amish they live simple lives w/o most modern conveniences. The JWs are also law abiding albeit a bit annoying with the way they proselyte. That said you’d be safe in a neighborhood full of JWs as compared to a neighborhood full of Muslims.Mormons extreme? LOL Again just like the Bible belt Christians the Mormons are law abiding and patriotic Americans. The KKK is radical and was founded by the Southern Dems after the Civil War to oppress the newly freed Blacks. So what about the French that murdered all sorts of aristocrats during their revolution? Or the French that persecuted the Huguenots and/or the current persecution of Jews?

      • Patricia Main

        I believe French was saying those things tongue-in-cheek.

      • Linda

        None of these American groups you mention are out performing jihad in the name of a pagan god and a false prophet. Idiot!

      • Pete

        Theses people are all crazy, the Ketchup is made in a factory here in Pittsburgh Pa, I know people who make it. That video is NOT Heinz. Learn before you spread lies.

      • Laura

        Frenchie really? KKK was created by the left and are not part of any church to my knowledge, I admittedly could be wrong as I didn’t take the 5 seconds required to fact check that prior to responding to you and yea those damned Amish, so extremely peaceful as they set about farming their community. And those Jehovahs, how dare they knock on your door in such an extreme manner so as to have a civil conversation with anyone not afraid to engage. Mormons?? Lobbing off heads are they, no it must be drownings, burnings, acid attacks, nightclub shootings, rapings, pedophilia, drownings. And let’s not forget those damned Scientologists, almost as bad as the freakin Mormons. But yea Frenchie we all clearly see your point. So, if I missed some of the evils of the groups you singled out, could you please point them out to me, so I am able to share these facts with others who are ignorant to these extreme groups.

  2. nu_reality

    John Kerry -failed Secretary of state: proponent of Arabs, Egypt.
    John’s wife heir to Heinz fortunes!
    Coincidence or just business?
    Jeopardize public safety for family profit

    • Stella Ferreira e Sousa

      Wow! I didn’t know John Kerrys wife was Heinz heiress! (sorry – ignorant Brit!) Having said that, I never use Heinz stuff anyway, and given the vile content of this video, sincerely hope that people wake up and see this filthy money grabbing enterprise for what it is. I think it is MUCH more than coincidence or business though, don’t you? I shall be spreading the info and the video far and wide. Thank you for the info nu reality. God bless you all and greetings from the UK. xxx

  3. Nino

    I think this is the most ridiculous racist redneck article I’ve ever read lol FIRST WHO SAID THAT THIS KETCHUP IS THE ONE AMERICANS ARE CONSUMING??? Lol second, its not like this dude was picking the bad ones and tossing them intentionally to poison Ignorant ppl like you. He was throwing and dumping the hole basket… and ketchup is made from vinigar and the tomatoes have to be very ripe. Nothing shows proof of mold or anything bad for you. So stfu! The nastiest #1 felthiest foods, restaurant, food factories are rodant and cockroach enfeststed are all in America

    • Sue

      So happy that I don’t buy Heinz but you go ahead and eat that crap Nino. The picture shows completely rotten tomatoes that I wouldn’t feed my pig!

    • Dean

      You have a point. But coming from one who has worked in the food ind all my life, i know what can and cannot happen. Nino you are a fool. USA had the most stringent food requirements in yhe world. And I assure you the USDA or FSIS would not go for this shit. My observation is in the vedio, but not mentioned. Nino you come accross as s expert, what are the USDA violations?

    • Mike

      Nino…. Obviously, spelling is NOT your strong suit: hole (basket), vinigar, felthiest, rodant, enfeststed.

    • scotty g

      For the last time, Muslims are not a race. Stop calling “racist” on everything anti-muslim. You make yourself and your point invalid.

    • Susan

      Hey Nino….You can put a funnel in your mouth and pour in a gallon of this swill at a time. Maybe it will make you smarter, since you sure cannot spell to save your life.

    • Bruce

      If you are so smart you go ahead and keep eating Heinz Cetchup and every time you take a bite of your food think about this YouTube picture

    • Lynn

      I totally agree with you Nino..I know a woman who worked at a sp. sauce factory here in the states..She said a lot of nasty stuff went in the mix..

    • Aquariusss

      Poor you !!! I saw it coming by rading a tiny sample of the comments above , I wonder how you didn’t realize that with these kind of intelligent racists people around you better be wise and thank good that you are wiser and intelligent to have what they don’t .
      My sympathy

  4. Tom

    Wouldn’t supprise me if they are taking a wizz or even taking a dump in the batches knowing that the stuff is going to the US to be c sold to Americans
    I wouldnt put nothing past these muslim pigs they are nasty

  5. JOHN


    • Alan Volk

      Look carefully it’s actually made in the US supposedly using Canadian tomatoes??


    Soon it will not matter because of the Tariffs, about to be imposed on all imported goods

  7. Larry

    What a bunch of dumb asses. I can only guess whoever the reporter is he/she never worked in a canning factory. That’s a wash ben from there they go to a sorting table were the rotten ones are picked out.

  8. opooyt

    @ Redrock.
    Do we need 17 ads, pop ups, pop unders and pop overs just to read article?
    gave up.

  9. Kennyb

    Say this is a factory that produces condiments for the Kerry ( Lerch) and his wife Teresa Heintz Kerry’s future profit. Heintz bought out Kraft in our area. Wonder if Kraft brand is being shipped out to foreign countries? Maybe another bit of advice unless things have really changed in Mexico agriculture I wouldn’t recommend raw tomatoes from Mexico and maybe all other produce. Seems they have or had a sanitation problem out in the fields. Saw a documentary a few years ago and it was more disgusting than this .

  10. jeffrey smith

    I would be more concerned with what pesticides that are on the tomatoes. The pathogens from the tomatoes are killed in the cooking process and the PH of the vinegar, otherwise there would be a food born illness outbreak traceable to the product. The toxins made by the bacteria before processing would be in low enough quantities not to make illness and would be present in most large scale vegetable processing plants to some degree.I still don’t see any reason to import a product that can be produced and consumed here.

  11. Rod Kerkhoven

    What is far more important is the way these people are being worked. RSI +++. Why do things have to go so fast and who is making the profit from this kind of labor. I would not like to see Americans or anybody have to work at this pace. Places like this breed cripples that wind up on the employment junk pile while westerners enjoy getting fat on burgers and hot dogs. If you want to see something bad go and visit a slaughter house or where they make pet food.

  12. Doug Gardner

    This begs the question is the ketchup exported to the US or is it for local or European consumption?

  13. judy

    ok let us remember they do not use toilet paper, (against their religion, don’t know why) they use their hands and wash only their fingertips, I notice they are not wearing gloves either makes me gag!

    • fishfolk

      ok judy who in gods name told you these stupid things. having spent a great deal of time in the middle east I can assure you, you are an idiot. go to carfore, their walmart and you will see rows on cleaners and such. you are not just a bigot you are an ignorant bigot. that is worse. if you have no facts then keep your mouth shut and smoke some more dope

  14. Bill Jeffs

    My father, as a child, use to work in a factory making ketchup in the early ’40’s in Indiana. He would not eat ketchup after working there.

    • Linda

      My Mother always made our own ketchup when I was growing up. I’m 74, and I do the same. Been making my own for years.

  15. L. Shamus McQuade

    Most Likely deficating in the mix as well…….Besides they use their hands to wipe themselves and they do not observe any hygiene skills.They are ANIMALS

  16. Kathy3882

    Kenny: Heinz bought out Kraft? Kraft, Nestle and another company are using fetal cells to develop flavorings. We’ve stopped buying ALL products under these companies. We used to buy Chobani yogurt. They now employ all Muslim workers, so we no longer buy it due to the lack of sanitary cleanliness they follow.

  17. Alan Volk

    We lost our Heinz plant in Lemmington ON and now have it shipped in from the US. There are a couple of their products that are still made in the Toronto area but not the most popular one.

  18. dennis

    Why can’t we make catsup in the U.S.???? Oh yeah, CORPORATE GREED not to mention stock holders just care about their dividend checks!

  19. GlD

    Someone should post a ketchup recipe and make your own,no need to rely on the bottled stuff anymore!!!!!

  20. Virginia

    I am pretty sure that if we were to go through any food processing plant we would find that there is a lot of food being processed that is not exactly as fresh as we think. If you want “fresh” tomatoes then you better make ketchup at home. I have worked many years in restaurants and saw what went on there and pretty sure it get worse the higher the chain goes. Any idea how many roaches in you food is okay by our own government standards?

    • Jim

      Remember Sinclair Lewis — muckraking of the meat packing industry appx 100 years ago. If one reads of the fecal contamination today, it is horrendous.

  21. Pamela

    For those of you that are so very concerned about Heinz ketchup maybe you need to do some serious research into the food you are consuming. Most “foods” in America are so far removed from being actual “food” that I don’t think some Heinz ketchup is going to kill you. Most “food” in America is flavorings, coloring, a chemical soup of god knows what. Be thankful Heinz actually uses real tomatoes.,

    • Jim

      What you have stated is why we grow organic and buy nothing in packages, boxes, cans and most all in bottles in the local grocery stores. No HFCS, No white flour, or white flour products, no white sugar, no margarine or hydrogenated oils, , no colorings, no chips or any kind of bottled or co-
      canned drinks and No GMO products. Around the world we have a reputation of being gullible. Seems like that starts here at home. We have been seduce by flavors—- to our detriment.

  22. debra bernardo

    you do know who owns..Heinz ,,,dont you.. senator john kerrys wife ..have plants all over the world..i wont touch the shit..

  23. fishfolk

    first of all what makes you think that if there is a plant in cairo that the food is coming to america. second, maybe you should get a video of a plant in the U.S. that probably does the same thing. sometimes people like you scare the hell out of me. you do not have any logic whatsoever. i almost feel sorry for you but just can’t work up any sympathy. what are you going to do in a life or death situation where you need blood? ask for proof that it didn’t come from a muslim? after all it might be tainted with isis. if the situation does arise, please write me so I can come watch you die from your own stupidity

  24. Jim

    Recently there was an online video of a man who pooped in the street near a water hydrant and was washing his butt and several times took a swig of water with his hand — several times alternating back and forth. 30 years ago, I lived in Turkey five years and know , even in the most western of Muslim countries , the practice of wiping oneself with fingers is common. A friend who worked with environmental health took frequent samples in petrie dishes of the Turkish workers in the dining hall. He showed me the results . In nearly 100% of the samples, the result was the same — mold growing on the fecal bacteria which came from under their finger nails. And they were preparing and serving food in the military dining haul. Servicemen were often sick with the “Turkey Trots.” And the Turks were not immune to the consequences of this filthy practice. Over the counter med in the Turkish community was some sort of a pill, we called cement pills.”

  25. Franklin Thompson

    Everyone does know who owns Heinz…right? None other than former Secretary of State, john Kerry’s wife Theresa Heinz Kerry.

  26. JohnnyBird

    Wow this is one wild ass comment venue, but you try to put in a nutshell myself: bring the jobs back home to start. and for sure we don’t need no stinking rugs smoochers handling our food and putting who-knows-what in it. Could be GMOs or flat out poison, could be anything. And for all you Muslim sympathizers I must say that not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim. The only exclusion would be Timothy McVeigh, other than him, you would be hard-pressed to come up with the name of somebody who was a terrorist and not of the Muslim faith. As for the video disgusting, and I’ve never been a Heinz fan anyway, I like Hunts myself. And all of this is GMO hormones and other bullshit, they’ve been putting shit and messing with food years. you would be hard-pressed to find or to come across foods that didn’t have something done to it. they all have something in them or they have been modified in some way. I’m saying even starting from seed so there’s probably no way to get around that. so just forget about it and accept it. Or go buy a piece of land somewhere and get off the reservation. grow all your own food, do your own processing and then you might be able to escape all your horrors and fears. Lol, good luck on that one.


    Come on, lighten up, this is where SOS John Kerry’s wife get her money

  28. Ernestine Lee

    I for one, don’t trust people that hate us with our food we eat.. It makes me wonder how far others would go to get to the American people. It is something to think about. After watching different videos on different subjects, which are not all good.

  29. joe squirrel

    So what’s the problem? Are you anti-American? If killing terrorists with tainted food works, I’m all for it. Bombs, bad food, whatever it takes to get rid of them. Didn’t say anything like that was occurring in Pittsburgh.


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