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If you have a bottle of Heinz ketchup in your refrigerator, I suggest you pause reading this article and throw it out right now.

The video below will make your stomach turn. The food we consume shouldn’t come from other countries, especially 3rd world countries whose population is 85% American hating Muslim’s. Would you trust someone who hates you touching your food? No, no way.

The video that has gone viral below proves exactly why food processing should be done here in America. You can see the Islamic employees carelessly throwing rotten tomatoes in for processing into ketchup…DISGUSTING!

| When video footage from a ketchup plant outside Cairo, Egypt went viral, Heinz quickly launched a PR campaign to cover their tracks. In the clip, footage demonstrates that rotten tomatoes are used at the plant to manufacture the world’s most popular ketchup brand.

In the short clip which is circulating the globe as you read this, one man stands on top an open box of tomato as he hurls the rotten food into the processing line.
Now that the clip has gone viral, the food giant announced that they are “100 percent committed to quality”. Meanwhile the video evidence seems to indicate that the quality on the Heinz production line seems to be “completely misleading and inaccurate.”




Heinz tried to cover this up by saying the video is “misleading”. The original Youtube video we were going to post was even taken down. Hopefully the one above doesn’t get taken down too. Share this story before it’s deleted and get rid of that nasty ketchup!

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  1. ssilv48

    Why would America buy anything from these countries. l believe it’s piglosie’s family that own’s Heinz

    • Bubba Love

      No, it’s John Kerry’s wife who owns Heinz. She obtained it when her husband who owned it died. Kerry tried to evade taxes on an expensive yacht that he bought. He hid it in another state but was caught.

  2. Luis D Rey

    Did I see “John Kerry” disguised as a Mudslum” in this video while scratching his cojones on top of a box full of tomatoes?

  3. Mark Little

    Muslims are uneducated monkeys. They do not know shit about sanition. They never wash, and never wash their shity hands. They are scum, and smell worst. AMTRAC is full of of these dirty animials.


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