WikiLeaks proves that Hillary disclosed classified secrets for money to foreign leaders…

Where is the outrage? Where’s the media blast?

Hillary Clinton for prison! It’s amazing how much crime these politicians get away with. No wonder America is in the shape it’s in right now.

Watch Fox news on this topic below:

From Viral Liberty:

“Operation security is paramount,” Maguire said. He added that the revelation Clinton shared this information shows a lack of “integrity and discipline” on the part of those who’ve looked into the incident.

So, who has looked into the incident?

Herridge also pointed out an infuriating double standard. “This was a paid speech by Hillary Clinton,” Herridge said.

Of course, all the money she took from the Middle East had a price tag and I am so thankful that she is not President!!!!! The price she would pay would seriously compromise our country and safety.

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  1. Donna Davis

    I am so tired of hearing that Hillary y is going to jail, because she’s not, not now or ever. Didn’t you read about , she’s getting a talk show, and then run for President. If she was ever gonna be procuted she would have already been. We could procute every. Politician in Washington legally, and never make a mistake about procuting anyone. I knew Washington was corrupt, but since Trump was elected he has brought a lot to light. I use to look for the good in. People, but not anymore. Well all this complaining will get me no where, just where I am and have always been

    • S R Payne

      There will be a whole lot more being exposed. Speed is not the way prosecution puts a case together with evidence that is proof of a crime. There are so many investigations going on that resources are limited.
      When everything is in place we will know how our previous Administration has used and abused the American Government along with the American Citizens paying taxes that were stolen or used for illegal purposes.


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