Hillary Clinton is back at it AGAIN! She just ordered women to do something SICK to President Trump.

She will not get away with this!

According to libertywritersnews,

I’m sorry to say that if you thought we were FINALLY done with Hillary Clinton after she LOST the election, you were WRONG!

The aptly named “Queen of Mean” has just put out a disturbing new video declaring to the world in honor of the MAKERS woman conference. The bad part is that IT WAS AN ORDER TO RESIST DONALD TRUMP.


She procedes to tells her “audience” just how extremely PROUD she is of all the women marching against Trump and that they really need to continue protecting their rights which she says are “under attack”.

I think my favorite line is: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE. Hey, I don’t care if a woman runs the country. I say GREAT. As long as that woman is NOT Hillary Clinton.

You know, Donald Trump was being NICE when he praised Hillary and said he wouldn’t lock her up, but now I think that was a BAD decision on his part.


This woman wants to be the Fuhrer of the United States and she will not stop until she is locked up or gone. If you wanna see Trump take her to COURT like he promised, share this and show him WE ARE SERIOUS!!

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12 Responses

  1. Patty Like

    Lock her up and soon. I think it was the women who was reason she lost the election. I would go with Condi Rice as the first woman to be President.

  2. Marjorie Evers Boles

    This witch needs to be arrested for all her criminal activities and serve her time ! We are so Sick of you ! When is she going to pay her dues ? It looks like Never!

  3. jen

    There is NO time to waste to get her locked up before she commits anymore heinous!!!!

  4. Liz

    She is a liar and crook and she does not represent me as a women. I am a women who the biz she should be prosecuted.

  5. May webb

    If you would file charges against her and Obama that would fix a lot of your problens with them . Guess that won’t happen . People are sick and tired of their carp.

  6. Jennifer Rivers

    So, I had to take a breather before responding to this. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! This is yellow journalism. I watched the whole 10+ minutes of video and NOT ONCE did Hilary say anything about Donald Trump. It was a video for Makers – which is a video collection of women’s stories. It is nothing derogatory about men or Donald Trump, it is empowerment for women. As the mother of four girls (and two boys), I want my daughters to know that they are capable of achieving whatever their heart’s desire, be that a wife and mother, a WNBA star, or a cheerleader!! Posts like this that are totally false, but are passed on as truth are nothing but divisive and WRONG!

  7. Donna DuBray

    You are not nor a part of my future Hillary, go the hell away better yet go to jail do not pass go do not collect

  8. יונה לוי גרוסמן

    ON The day of January 2017 21 the feminist movement died.
    I belong to the intermediate generation that remembers our submissive mothers who believed that the woman has to live in her husband’s shadow. A generation that remembers the beginnings of the feminist movement occupying parcel by parcel in the soil of our insights about the talents, abilities and rights of women in society. Insights that have advanced the understanding that our achievements are no less than that of our sons. This process was not easy. It was a mental, physical and economic struggle. Many women have paid with their lives when their desire collided with the customs and traditions that were common in society and in their families at that time. But, the achievements of the feminist movement were huge.
    But the work to achieve the goal of equality (not identical) between the sexes is not over. The way to achieve this noble cause is still long. But there is no more necessary than that. The feminist movement, I believe, is the most important and useful of all movements in modern times. This is the most humanistic movement among all movements in modern times. But, today I am grieving.
    Today I’m grieving because in January 2017 21 on the women’s march in Washington the feminism died. Not that I have not seen the agonizing dying of my favorite movement. I saw it’s dying as reflected in the silence to the sights of rape of women and girls by the systematic Islamic men whenever they took control. The deafening silence of feminists while girls were sold as sex slaves in Saudi cities squares and other Arab countries. Silence to the the situation of women in Islam as a whole. The betrayal of women’s organizations in women, emptied slowly and finally the content of this organizations. Leaving only the shell-shaped women march dressed as a vagina wide open and screaming for the extension of the well known oppressive nature of violence against women of Sharia laws.
    Here is, particularly for you, the marching women in the FREE Washington city. this is the modesty police which works nonstop in an enlightened Muslim country.
    What reason could be that the police will do it to a woman? Is it because she went out shopping without a man accompany her? Maybe her fingers were revealed through her gloves? Perhaps her shoes were coming apart and revealed a hole in her sock? Perhaps she was caught driving her car? Maybe she fled from her husband blow?
    Is this what this “feminist” women want to bring into the US?

    Woman Beheaded In Broad Daylight in ‘Moderate’ Muslim Nation While Police Watch


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