America has made significant strides in representation in recent years, with Mauree Turner, the country’s first Muslim non-binary lawmaker, holding office in the state of Oklahoma. However, Turner is facing censorship and the loss of their position on committee assignments after it emerged that they were potentially harboring a fugitive friend accused of attacking an officer of the law during a protest over transgender rights.

The attack allegedly occurred during a protest of transgender rights when Austin Ross, a wanted fugitive, allegedly flung water at conservative Representative Ed Culver of Tahlequah after he helped push through anti-transgender legislation called HB 2177, which banned gender-affirming care for minors under the age of eighteen. Ross is also accused of assaulting a trooper during the protest.

While Ross was not arrested at the time, they were wanted by authorities. Turner has not issued an apology for their involvement in Ross’s case, leading to Conservative lawmakers in Oklahoma censoring the Muslim non-binary lawmaker. They are demanding that Turner issue a formal apology, including to the Highway Patrol cops who were allegedly assaulted by Ross.

Despite rising to power in Oklahoma, Turner has been targeted by Republicans in the Red State because of their non-binary identity. Turner is the first openly nonbinary Muslim person to be elected to the Legislature of Oklahoma. While supported by several of their Democratic colleagues, Turner has refused to apologize for their involvement in the Ross case because Republicans in the state continue to strip away rights from the transgender population.

“I think an apology for loving the people of Oklahoma is something that I cannot do,” said Turner. “It’s something that I actively refuse to do.”

The Speaker of the House, Charles McCall, confirmed that the House stands behind law enforcement and will not allow members to use their assigned offices and official positions to impede law enforcement from carrying out investigations or making arrests in the state Capitol.

Republican Culver was furious that water got thrown at him but was angrier that the trooper had been targeted. Ross was later arrested in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and is accused of “holding an officer’s hands” while they were trying to arrest Savannah Mitchell for advocating for transgender rights.

Allegedly, Ross escaped custody and went into Turner’s legislative office to hide. When they arrived, Trooper Eric Foster with the Highway Patrol was not allowed into the office.

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Source: AWM

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