GreatGameIndia reported last year that the group of Indian scientists discovered that coronavirus was engineered with AIDS-like insertions and after GreatGameIndia published the results of the study, it attracted heavy criticism to an extent that the authors were forced to retract their paper.

Now, Fauci’s Emails reveal that it was Dr. Anthony Fauci himself who threatened the Indian scientists and forced them to withdraw their study linking COVID-19 to the AIDS virus.

The conclusions were later confirmed by none other than the French Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier on this study.

It was in this context that the Batwoman of China, Shi Zhengli said, “I advise those who believe… academic analysis of Indian scholars, to shut their stinking mouths”.

Concerns about the manmade origin of the virus and the implications of the findings of the study were raised with Dr. Anthony Fauci as well, but he chose to remain silent and ignore it.

Researcher Adam Gaertner explained to Dr. Fauci how the virus was created in an email titled, “Coronavirus bioweapon production method”.

Now the Fauci Emails show that when he was asked about this research paper by the Indian scientists, he had dismissed it saying it is “really outlandish”. Several other emails have also shown that Dr. Fauci was warned that COVID-19 may have been ‘engineered’, but he had dismissed all of them.

We now know from the release of his emails, that the article was addressed by Fauci. We also know the article was withdrawn after a campaign from the medical community which no doubt included Dr. Fauci. In the emails, Dr. Fauci disregards the Indian paper outright.

Doctors in India quickly learned that in the medical community worldwide, it’s not always the truth that gets shared:

Dr. Fauci was aware that COVID-19 was likely made and created in a lab but he wanted the world to think that it was created in nature. If the world knew he was involved in its creation he was in trouble.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Great Gameindia

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  1. Ron Hopkins

    This little twerp is camera hungry. This guy changed his mind more than someone with diarrhea changes their shorts. This clown helped the commie left and they love him. This guy has much in his past that if true he should be thrown out of his position with no pension ( if he’s due one ). Most government employees have one because we pay it.


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