John Wayne was a character that personified American values, he was a man’s man and 37 years after his death his family makes a relevant announcement.

John Wayne was a Hollywood heartthrob in his time. He was the image of what a man should be back when chivalry wasn’t dead. This was all in the mid 1900’s when the limits of what’s normal weren’t being pushed.

The actor who played John Wayne was Marion Robert Morrison who was later known as “Duke”. Duke was a star athlete who received a football scholarship to the University of Southern California. Though, his true love was acting.

Duke started from the bottom working as a prop boy at fox studios while going to school. He received parts as an extra in the 1920’s and then tragedy struck. Duke got into a body surfing accident and wasn’t able to play football anymore, causing him to lose his scholarship.

This was a blessing in disguise because it lead to him to his first big role in 1930 as John Wayne on “The Big Trail”.

Fast forward to 37 years after his death when the times have changed so much. His family had a little announcement about what he would do in these times. When actors everywhere are completely against our new president.

From awm:

37-years after his death, in light of the surprise election results John Wayne’s grandson, encouraged everyone who is upset, “My grandfather was a fighter. I think there would be a lot of things he’d be disappointed and saddened over. But I don’t think he would lose hope. I think he would look at the current time as a moment of faith. People are in crisis, and they’re looking for something more meaningful, more real.

“So, I think he would look at the situation and say, ‘Don’t get discouraged!’ I think he would say, ‘Get involved. Don’t go hiding in a shell and getting on the defensive from Hollywood. Get involved and be an agent for the good.’ I think he would do that. That’s what he did in his time.”

What a great and genuine man who loved his country and God and was not afraid to show it.  The Duke was a one of a kind great actor and dedicated American, God bless you John Wayne.

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