The biggest onshore oil discovery in 3 decades has just been made in Alaska!

Repsol and their U.S. partner Armstrong energy just made the announcement on Thursday that they discovered the potential 120,000 barrels of oil output per day in Alaska.

This is great news for Alaska who hasn’t been doing great financially. The money that comes in from this find will loosen up their very tight budget. Alaska relies on oil and gas taxes for their states revenue.

From Bunker Buster News:

 Spanish energy company Repsol says an oil reserve of 1.2 billion barrels has been identified in Alaska’s North Slope, which the company says is the largest onshore discovery in the United States in three decades.

Repsol said that the contingent resources of recoverable light oil found near the village of Nuiqsut in North Slope, would allow production of 120,000 barrels per day starting from 2021.

Less dependence on foreign oil means less need to be involved in middle eastern affairs. Let them exterminate each other.

Lets bring our troops home from the Middle East they’re ungrateful and don’t want us there. Let’s develop our own energy and start minding our own business. If they attack us, destroy them with all our might!

Let’s invest in our country for once…. Make America great again President Trump!

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