Kamala Harris’ cackle always seems to pop up at the oddest times though a lot can be said that it is awkward, unsettling, disturbing.

In her press event following her disastrous visit to Guatemala, the vice president let out quite a hearty cackle while discussing the border crisis and also pulled a “Joe Biden” and forgot where she was.

This behavior is bizarre…clearly, it’s some kind of “nervous tick” which illustrates just how incapable Kamala is off the job at hand.

It also didn’t help that her visit to Guatemala was an absolute disaster.

Harris was met with protesters telling her that Trump won, but the real cherry on top was the president of Guatemala himself proclaiming that Biden is indeed to blame for the border crisis.

Excerpt from New York Post reports:

Giammattei said in a CBS News interview that aired Sunday that the Biden administration is to blame for sparking the migration crisis.

The Guatemalan president said he and Harris “are not on the same side of the coin” on migration.

“We asked the United States government to send more of a clear message to prevent more people from leaving,” Giammattei said.

When Biden took office, “The message changed too: ‘We’re going to reunite families, we’re going to reunite children,’” he said. “The very next day, the coyotes were here organizing groups of children to take them to the United States.”

Critics attribute the record surge of illegal immigration to Biden’s policies, including his decision to end Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy that required most asylum-seekers from Central America to remain in Mexico while US courts reviewed their claims of persecution.

Biden also ended the construction of Trump’s US-Mexico border wall and urged Congress to pass legislation that would establish a path to citizenship for most illegal immigrants. Republicans said the legislation and Biden policy changes created new “pull” factors for illegal immigration — countering Harris’ emphasis on “root causes” in Central America.

Sources: New York Post, Wayne Dupree, CBS News

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    Com-Allah will just give a little cute cackle and the Democrats will forgive all.

  2. Ron Hopkins

    This clown is so over her head every time she is asked a serious question. She cackles because she’s trying to think of an answer. She made her career by throwing her heels above her head , and then gave some. She’s incompetent, ignorant and a useless bag of s::t. She has nothing to give to our country but plenty to destroy it, just like her lost demented leader. What a pair they make. Nothing in his head, and all she’s good for is head.

  3. Lisa

    vp heels up harris was only hired because she is black and female…she is way over her head…she is sickening and disgusting, you know, much like hrc


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