Fatal shooter and radical left movie star Alec Baldwin was slammed online after he publicly supported Anne Heche following her horrific road accident while allegedly drunk driving.

On August 5, actor Anne Heche was involved in two ghastly car accidents in Los Angeles. The first crash was a daytime hit-and-run into a garage at an apartment complex. Subsequently, Heche sped her car and crashed into a home, causing it to burst into flames.

Heche was taken to an intensive care unit with “severe burns”. An insider told the outlet, “Her team and her family are still trying to process what led up to the crash.” According to law enforcement officials, Heche might’ve been under the influence.

Baldwin, 64, was one of a number of celebs who praised the still hospitalized actress, even as cops confirmed on Sunday that they are investigating whether she was drunk or on drugs at the time of the near-deadly crash Friday.

“Everybody join me please in sending their support and love to the wonderful Anne Heche,” Baldwin told his 2.4 million followers in an Instagram video on Saturday afternoon.

“I love you Anne — I love you. And I think you’re such a talented person and I hope everything is OK,” he said of the star, who was filmed racing through quiet LA streets before the inferno.

“I’m sorry that you had this tragic thing happen to you and I’m sending you all my love, OK?” he said of his troubled co-star.

Anne Heche in her vehicle with a bottle of what may be alcohol (highlighted) /TMZ

‘100 Percent Fedup’ commented further:

Given her history of substance abuse and an image of her in her car with a bottle in her cup holder, there was early speculation that she was driving while intoxicated.

Heche is currently in stable condition and recovering at a hospital, and the reason for her dangerous and erratic behavior is still undisclosed, although “driving under the influence” remains a popular theory. Regardless of the reason behind it, Anne Heche’s driving nearly killed people.

Some people are outraged, implying that Baldwin’s video was tone-deaf. Below are the comments from folks online:

One of the users commented below the video and wrote, “She put lives in danger.”

Another Instagram user commented, “What about the people that she almost killed?? Is she more important?”

Another user echoed similar sentiments and wrote, “Did you see how reckless she was driving and how she hit a building before she crashed? Did you see the RING doorbell footage? She is lucky she didn’t kill anyone.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anne Heche “drank vodka” with “wine chasers” during a “Better Together” podcast recording with co-host Heather Duffy, which was posted hours before the fiery collision.

Watch it here: DailyMail/Video

Source: 100percentfedup

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