The mainstream media narrative about the Las Vegas shooting has could be debunked by two explosive videos given to Your News Wire that could confirm multiple shooters involved in a co-ordinated attack.

You can see in both videos, gunfire coming from the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, much lower than the 32nd floor, where the mainstream media is claiming Stephen Paddock — a “lone wolf” –fired on the crowd using an automatic weapon.

The mainstream media narrative regarding Paddock’s motives has been debunked by FBI sources, who reportedly claims the shooter has links to Antifa as well as ISIS. However, it seems that the mainstream media is covering up the information, claiming Paddock had “no political or religious affiliations or interests.”

Las Vegas

The fact is the Las Vegas shooting was clearly a coordinated false flag attack, orchestrated by Paddock as well as at least one other unidentified gunman, who was operating from the fourth floor of the hotel. The mass shooting and scores of the dead will be used by the elite to further their agenda.

Anyone who looks into the information available to them on the internet will arrive at the same conclusion. Unfortunately, those who rely on the mainstream media for their information will be force-fed a very different conclusion.

Questions must be asked:

Why is the mainstream media covering for a mass murderer?

Why are they attempting to rewrite his past and erase his political affiliations?

It’s simple.

The corporate media, controlled by the small elite operating on behalf of the New World Order, is trying to mislead the public into believing their enemies are their friends, and their friends are their enemies.

It doesn’t suit the mainstream media’s agenda to have an Antifa member responsible for the worst mass shooting in American history. They are actively engaged in covering up this fact up so they can continue pushing the globalists sick and twisted agenda.

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, was an Antifa member who carried out the worst mass shooting in American history in order to create further division in American society, push the country towards civil war, and further the agenda of the elites.


One official Antifa Facebook page, Antifa Melbourne [see below] congratulated Stephen Paddock after the bloodiest mass shooting in America’s history, before deleting the post after a torrent of criticism.

There is an active campaign to create division and chaos in the United States. Organized groups are working on behalf of global organizations. We need to wake up and stop believing everything fed to us by the mainstream media, because time and time again, they have proven themselves to be completely unreliable.

We need to stop hiding from the truth.



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    • Briana Ontiveros

      A reflection of what???? The light is in sequence with the sound. If the shots were 28 or 20 floors ABOVE this (depending on which floor this is-4th or 12th), where was this being reflected from? And reflected only on that little corner of the window? I know there were no other windows removed or smashed, but the light reflexion theory is absurd.

      • twasta

        So then how did they shoot out of the fourth floor window that was sealed shut? That sounds way more absurd, bullets that magically go through glass/plastic windows without breaking them, than it being a reflection which windows are KNOWN TO DO VERY COMMONLY. God what a retard.

    • Dejan

      Stand by the mirror, look at some object thats reflecting in the mirror, now start walking and look at the same reflection, it is moving. In video, if that was a reflection, we would see it moving as the car is moving. Go check yourself, you are too stupid.

  1. Tonya Chambers

    Is it coincidental that the Melbourne Antifa post refers to victims as Trump supporting Dogs pay: Trump responds to NFL protest “fire them son bitches” the league takes offense Trump comparing/calling them dogs. One NFL player after making touchdown drops on all fours raising a leg as a dog peeing. Pissing on Trump and his supporters.

  2. Paul DiBenedetto

    Show us the picture of the broken window then. Can’t? Nor friends in Vegas that can go over there and take a photo? Or are these conspiracy theorists too lazy to buy a ticket and get over there to investigate in person?

  3. michael tucker

    Those windows open about 5 inches have safety to prevent from opening further.

  4. eff you

    how could someone be shooting from the 4th floor when all the video all day longs only showed two hammered out windows on the 32 floor…. NO BROKEN WINDOWS on the 4th…you are FAKE NEWS

    • Jeff

      Also, am I the only one that thinks the two(2) windows that are smashed out are too far apart yo be the same room??

  5. Christine

    This isn’t NCIS, Blue Bloods or Bones. The investigations are still in the infancy stage. These things are not solved in 2 days like on TV. Pay attention to facts, not conjecture, use your own deduction skills (if you possess them) to come to a defendable conclusion. The media will continue to force feed the narrative they wish the general public to believe, that’s already been proven. Something we have now they didn’t when JFK was killed is cell phones, hand held video cameras and instant information. It’s a scary thing!

  6. Tug McCord

    The lower floor shooter theory has evidently been busted for the time being. The is one video making the rounds with a man and woman showing a video as they voice over. He points to a flashing of light and says that is shooting from another floor. Note where it is. It is in a vertical row of windows that runs down, under the “M” in Mandalay.

  7. Laura Adams-Cole

    There ARE other windows broken out and also a window could be rigged to go in and out. Have some imagination. There are other angles if this too and it’s no reflection.

    • elle

      Do a little research. The other windows broken out are from the suite of rooms the shooter had. There are several videos ( one about an hour before the shootings of big and rich singing, and one after the shootings from a reporter on fox news), where the flashing light is clearly there…it’s a strobe light of some kind…there was no shooter from the fourth floor…

  8. Frances Wallace

    It is all just an elite plot to bring American to it’s knees. The real thing we need to do is report the news, fairly and honestly, just once, then let it fade into obscurity. This constant rehashing is exactly what they need to keep furthering their agenda. If we cut out all the media frenzy, people will get on with their lives. “They”, whoever they are, are only doing this for the public outcry. Let’s quit giving them what they want.


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