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It makes total sense in the middle of a pandemic for there to be certain things that might not be a good idea.

The whole idea of sitting in a packed sports stadium right now does kind of freak me out. That being said, I don’t have an issue with going to church on Sunday because it’s basically the same people every single week.

Added to that, there have been things done to ensure that everyone is safe. This is why it is totally insulting that we live in such a nanny state that elected officials think they need to threaten people with arrest for going to church.

Governor Cuomo says the NYPD hasn’t done enough to break up large “super-spreader” gatherings in hot spot areas—so he’s putting city police under state authority.

Though the details have yet to be worked out, a detachment of local officers will be assigned to a state-led task force.

Cuomo compared it to an earlier, joint crackdown on bars and restaurants that violated COVID-19 restrictions, but retired NYPD Captain Jim Dooley, who teaches at John Jay College, says policing large religious gatherings will be more difficult.

“It’s kind of apples and oranges,” he said. “This is on a much broader scale. And this not a business. This is an amorphous crowd.”
Dooley said there’s often friction between local and state law enforcement agencies and for the joint effort to succeed, they’d need to narrowly target specific neighborhoods and institutions for a brief period.

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