Nearly two decades have passed since American troops arrived in Afghanistan.

That’s about 17 years and a half too long.

The overwhelming majority of Americans supported George Bush as he invaded the southwest Asian nation in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. For providing Osama bin Laden with a safe haven to prepare the attack, the ruling Taliban government needed to be punished (killed).

Few Americans (with the exception of Bush and the political establishment) assumed that American forces would remain in the country two decades later. Bush said at the time that the “Global War on Terror” would last generations, implying that he intended to remain in power indefinitely.

However, we are no longer required to be present. There is no willingness to ‘win’ the war because no one is willing to do what it takes to kill the world, as we did in WWII with Italy, Germany, and Japan.

Trump was well aware of it. He ran on the promise of removing our forces from the never-ending conflicts. He was able to get the majority of them out, but not all; 2,500 are still in Afghanistan today.

Joe Biden has expressed his desire to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, and Trump has expressed his support, though he believes Biden can do so by May 1, rather than September 11. (It will detract from our annual 9/11 commemorations.)

In his statement, Trump said, “Getting out of Afghanistan is a wonderful and positive thing to do,” I decided to leave on May 1st, and we should stick to that timetable as closely as possible.’

Who can argue with that? Sen. Lindsey Graham is also part of the political elite, which is unfortunate (R-S.C.). Despite being a staunch Trump supporter, he expressed his displeasure with the former president on Monday.

‘I could not be more opposed to former President Trump’s support for Vice President Biden’s decision to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan despite sound military advice,’ Graham tweeted. ‘With all due respect to former President Trump, there is nothing ‘wonderful’ or ‘positive’ about allowing terrorists to return to Afghanistan and find safe havens and refuge, or seeing Afghanistan dragged back into another civil war.’

‘I’m aware that our military and intelligence communities lobbied both President Biden and President Trump to keep a small but capable counter-terrorism force in Afghanistan,’ Graham added. ‘These powers serve as a safety net against the rise of ISIS and al-Qaeda, which pose a threat to the American homeland, as well as a new Afghan civil war. ‘

The ‘Biden-Trump strategy,’ as Graham put it, is a result of this growth.

‘The intelligence on withdrawal is ominous for US interests, and no one believes the Taliban can be trusted to police al-Qaeda and ISIS as the Biden-Trump strategy envisions,’ Graham said. ‘We’ll see if General Biden and General Trump’s withdrawal plan proves to be sound national security policy, says the study. ‘

‘For the sake of our country, Afghans, and the entire region, I hope President Biden and former President Trump are proven right, and our military and intelligence communities are proven wrong,’ he continued. ‘However, I strongly doubt it because I saw this film in Iraq, and I am concerned that Afghanistan will deteriorate over time.’

Graham wrote, “It is important that history view those who make these decisions equally but firmly.”

Sources: NewsWeek, The Hill, The National Sentinel

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  1. DonRS

    Fight to WIN, or don’t go! Bush the FLAKE, has now proven, even more emphatically, what a useless President and post-President he has proven to be.

    If he were a candidate, TODAY, he would have the level of support that Kamala Harris got in her bid for President – ZERO SUPPORT!

  2. DonRS

    Because Sen. Graham is on all sides of EVERY ISSUE, and then he ONLY TALKS, TALKS, TALKS – doing and achieving NOTHING, why do we waste our time reading or hearing about what “he’s going to do!”

    He’s gonna solve world hunger, next, don’t you know!


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