Lindsey Graham doesn’t hold back while he points out the obvious bias of the NAACP’s Racism ‘scorecard’. It is AMAZING! Watch below…


From IJR:

As reported by Business Insider, the fireworks began with a simple question from Graham: “Mr. Brooks, do you give a scorecard to members of Congress?”

Brooks replied: “The NAACP does indeed.” It was then “game on” for Graham.

“Would you say that there seems to be a difference in terms of the parties and how well they do in the NAACP’s legislative agenda?” he asked.

After Brooks said “the report cards are based on legislation, not party affiliation,” the former military lawyer began to paint the NAACP leader into a corner.

“Isn’t it kind of odd that one party gets 100% and nobody else does very well on our side? I think it’s really odd. I think it — well, it speaks for itself.”

As the exchange grew more heated, Graham tossed in a couple of well-placed snarky comments—which he’s been known to do in the past.

“It means that you’re picking things that conservative Republicans don’t agree with you on and liberal Democrats do. I hope that doesn’t make us all racist and all of them perfect on the issue.

I think the report card says volumes about how you view Republican conservatives. Maybe we’re all wrong and maybe you’re all right. I doubt if it’s that way.”

Yeeesssss…. his comments to Cornell Brooks are all on point. He’s got nothing to say to it because you can’t dismiss the TRUTH.

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