Madonna talks about wanting to commit terrorism because Donald Trump is President at the Women’s March on Washington. Then goes on to say she chooses love… Watch below…mADONNA


From The Blaze:

Legendary pop star Madonna claimed at a women’s rally in Washington D.C., on Saturday that she has thought an “awful” lot about blowing up the White House now that President Donald Trump lives there.

According to multiple reports, Madonna showed up at the anti-Trump rally Saturday afternoon around 2:50 p.m. EST where she was slated to perform. But before singing, she spoke for a few minutes.

During that time, Madonna cursed repeatedly on live television, telling “detractors” of the women’s march: “f**k you.” According to, Madonna also lamented over Hillary Clinton losing the election, saying that she believes Trump’s win should “wake us the f**k up.”

“To our detractors that insist that this march will never add up to anything: F–k you!” Madonna exclaimed.

Then Madonna claimed she has thought about blowing up the White House.

“Yes I’m angry, yes I’m outraged, yes I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” she told the crowd, “but I know that this won’t change anything.”

I think I’ve heard enough from Madonna, she needs to go somewhere far, far away…

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