Richard Decker sent several bizarre emails and letters with requests for stable owners and farmers, asking them to allow him to have sex with their cows and horses. When they wouldn’t allow him to, he would place objects in their driveways to flatten their tires, send them threatening letters and he threatened to beat the wife of one farmer’s wife with a stick. He would go after sheep but he is afraid to open up and say “I love ewe.” Many people suffer from the inability to commit. He would rather horse around.

From The Daily Star

Police have arrested a man who allegedly left farmers threatening messages after they refused to let him have sex with their animals.

Richard Decker sent several bizarre emails and letters with his request to stable and farm owners near his home in New Jersey.

Prosecutors claim Decker appeared to have a sexual preference towards cows and horses and would become threatening when farmers told him he could not have sex with their livestock.

In a court filing, assistant New Jersey prosecutor Magdelen Czykier claimed Decker would leave tyre traps and deflation spikes on their driveways.

In one example of harassment, Czykier claimed Decker threatened to beat a property owner’s wife with a wooden stick.

The allegations date back to August 2018 with the most recent being October 2019.

Investigators say they also found an unregistered firearm and explosives at his home.

Mr Decker’s attorney Daniel Palazzo said his client had sent letters to animal keepers but told the Superior Court the firearm may not work.

Mr Palazzo said: “He never had contact with anyone directly and the explosives were basically firecrackers.

“They were stored in jars with no intent to use against anyone.”

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