Look what someone just dug up… Michelle Obama’s race baiting thesis from Princeton!

This is a little painful to read through but here we go! Mrs. Obama’s thesis was written on “blackness” and how she has been affected going to a school with a lot of white people. This right here, it explains a lot.

The title of her thesis is,  ‘Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community’. Yup, that’s right… this is how Princeton affected her “blackness.”

Dinesh D’Souza commented on how Christopher Hitchens said that it was written in an unknown language:

Here it is folks…


Periphery means to be on the edge or “secondary position” of something. So she’s saying that attending Princeton will allow her to stay in a secondary position to White people, “never becoming a full participant.”

I would hardly say that she is living on the “periphery of society.”


Right here her definition of conservative values is success in prestigious graduate schools and high paying jobs.

Onto defining what comfort means… She is probably just trying to up her word count for a grade.


And next is the race baiting:


So the division of Black and White people are necessary for the development of the black community? Ok…

This next part says a lot about why Obama’s presidency was the way it was.


And her “brilliant” hypothesis…


ALL of that to say this, if people spend more time with another group of people they become more comfortable with them.. Well then. This paper wasn’t exactly necessary.


Tell us what you think of her thesis below!

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  1. ben linus

    Seems rather lame to me, but where is it written in an “unknown language”?? Wasn’t that the point of the article? Or is this just more click-bait bullshit?


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