Trump is to be inaugurated tomorrow and along with that comes the wall he promised. Mexican migrants are making a mad dash to the border before that wall becomes a reality.

From Yahoo:

Migrants trying to sneak into the United States from the parched Mexican desert have to contend with border guards’ drones overhead, poisonous snakes underfoot and human trafficking gangs at their backs.

But these challenges are nothing compared to their bigger fear: that someday soon, US President-elect Donald Trump will build a wall to keep them out altogether.

So before Trump takes office on Friday, they are racing against time, riding a freight train up to the border to look for a way across.

Mexican authorities are arresting thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of undocumented migrants each month, according to government figures.

Governors of several northern states this week called for extra resources to deal with the surge.

Laura Ramirez, a local charity activist, has been serving more than 200 free lunches a day to migrants.

“There are more and more migrants coming,” she says.

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  1. Coleen Harrell

    Yes! I’m ready for the wall to be built!! The sooner the better!! They have gotten away with coming over the border long enough!! Thanks to lawless Obama!! Just one of Obama’s failed policies!!


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