Ever since the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape came out, we’ve seen every sort of liberal preach to us about how depraved they believe Donald Trump to be. Now, we’ve finally heard the opinion of the nation’s moral compass — she who through word and deed has earned her right to rebuke others for offensive actions: Miley Cyrus.

At the center of a recent “letting young fans touch her genitalia on stage” controversy, Cyrus was just one of the women bashing Trump at the annual Power of Women luncheon hosted by entertainment industry publication Variety.They decided to castigate the GOP nominee for making vulgar statements off camera in 2005 by making vulgar statements on camera in 2016.

According to USA Today, the luncheon was dedicated to celebrating the philanthropic work of entertainment icons such as the luridly twerking, provocatively tongue-darting Ms. Cyrus. But the young singer’s scolding of the Republican nominee wasn’t the worst of the proceedings.

While Cyrus and company made plenty of ridiculous statements at the Power of Women luncheon, the vulgarity of the afternoon belonged to actress Rachel Bloom, the host of the event. We warn you, things might get occasionally vulgar from here on in.

“We’re here to celebrate women and their p******!” Bloom told the audience. “Or as I like to call them, ‘Trump handles.’”

Bloom couched her vulgarity in a theme of women’s liberation, however, by saying that she was “going to introduce these women and attempt the rare feat of describing them without adjectives like beautiful, lovely, cute or sexy.”

Before the Hollywood hate fest, Bloom stated, “Trump has always been a monster … I think people like him because he reminds them of their racist, misogynist uncle. And so I’m not shocked that Trump gropes women. Of course he gropes women.”

So, Bloom trashes Trump for his treatment of women, and in the meantime, one of her honorees is a young woman who has built her adult career out of overt sexual imagery and called her most recent solo album “Bangerz.” Yes, we get it, Miley, you enjoy the physical act of coitus. I’m not quite sure how that’s striking a blow for women, but then again, I’m not quite sure why you’re popular, either.

Miley, for her part, called the responsibility of power “terrifying” and lamented the “villainous vibes that surround power and the poor examples of how too many leaders abuse it.”

“Yes,” Cyrus continued, “that’s for Donald Trump.”

Aside from the fact that tortured attempt at an epigraph sounds like a teenager’s first try at writing a protest song, let’s point out that it’s ostensibly being said in service of Hillary Clinton. Trump, it should be pointed out, has never held political office, being an outsider. Meanwhile, Clinton has spent the last quarter of a century inside the Beltway, abusing the power Cyrus seems so concerned about.

So, just so we’re clear, Hollywood believes Trump gropes women (Bloom), even though there’s no corroborating evidence for that. Meanwhile, Hillary is a great role model for women, even though she acted as an enabler for a husband whose rape allegations have been supported by corroborating evidence.

And Hollywood porn pushers wonders why everyday Americans have so little regard for their opinions?

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