Republican Rep. Mo Brooks refused to answer questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta and instead repeatedly bashed Acosta’s network as untrustworthy.

Acosta caught Brooks as he was getting on his bike outside the Capitol and attempted to ask him questions about the violent protest at that location on Jan. 6, but Brooks declined to answer and instead took shots at CNN.

“I do not do interviews with CNN because I do not trust CNN to be honorable or truthful,” the Republican said while unlocking his bike and continuing to face away from the reporter.

Acosta asked a follow-up question and was met with a similar answer from Brooks.

“I’ve already said what I’m going to say,” Brooks answered. “I don’t trust y’all to be truthful or honest.”

Acosta continued to ask whether or not Brooks regretted comments he made in the past regarding the Jan. 6 incident, and Brooks continued to answer with the same response.

“See ya,” Brooks said as he got onto his bicycle and began to ride away. “You guys will lie through your teeth any chance you get.”

Brooks, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, was the first member of Congress to publicly pledge to object to the certification of Joe Biden’s declared presidential victory last year and has suggested that outside agitators played a role in the Jan. 6 riot.

As the previous reports Acosta made, he has done nothing to command any respect. He’s only leading the way for all of these reporters to drop the mask and turn into “progressive activists” due to being unprofessional.

He didn’t earn any respect and deserved to be treated that way.

And that’s precisely what Rep Mo Brooks did when Jim Acosta approached him.

The entire GOP should watch this video.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Yahoo News

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  1. Lisa

    acosta is a turd in a punch bowl, he is VERY disrespectful towards ANY conservative, it is just disgusting


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