On Wednesday, President Biden spoke to a half-empty auditorium while doing a live CNN town hall event in Ohio. Unfortunately, his appearance on CNN raised a lot of red flags for many Americans.

The more than a dozen empty rows weren’t apparent to television viewers thanks to flattering shots that appeared to show a full, non-distanced crowd packing the front rows — in a striking visual display of normalcy after more than a year of COVID-19 restrictions.

But members of the traveling White House press pool shared photos from the back of the room, revealing that the venue was far from packed at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati.

Throughout the whole show, his “dementia-like” shocked a lot of people.

During the Town Hall, Biden struggled to answer simple questions and form coherent sentences and thoughts.

We have previously reported about Joe’s dementia behavior, but this latest one coming from his CNN appearance got the media concerned about Biden’s mental health condition.

It doesn’t look good. And it’s shocking how our fake news media is silent.

But a lot of people in conservative media have been fairly quiet as well…it’s a subject that a lot of people don’t want to touch.

Yet, they had no issue covering claims that Trump was “crazy.”

At any rate, now, more media folks are speaking out – and they’re not holding back.

Former Fox News host Todd Starnes called out Biden as an “elderly man struggling to maintain his faculties”

Here’s what he said: “Are we all just going to ignore what we saw on CNN tonight – an elderly man struggling to maintain his faculties on national television? #TownHall“

And over at Newsmax, they’re doing the same thing…only they took a step further, calling for a cognitive test to be given to Joe ASAP, and saying what they saw on the CNN Town Hall was a “national security” issue.

Despite Biden’s act that is very obvious to the public, his team, the Republicans doesn’t even care a little about this, GOP is being silent on this matter.

GOP can use this issue to win this fight, however; they are being silent and instead, they are shifting Biden’s attention into the issue in Cuba.

And Biden does not have any idea on what is going on in Cuba. The GOP is useless.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, DJHJ Media

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  1. stevor

    the GOP is probably holding back, waiting for something. I wonder what that “something” is. Will it be trump being declared the “winner” so they can use those two events to call for CIVIL WAR?
    Yeah, I don’t trust the GOP (or trump for that matter). I think they’re pretty much all puppets of the Globalists.


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