A mother has been accused of raising a Mowgli girl and trading her for sex with pedophiles in exchange for vodka. The girl was forced to sleep in a stall with a cow and was discovered walking on all four legs. She barks and howls instead of talking. She was discovered after she somehow managed to escape her confinement. She has been removed from her mother'[s care and is currently in a hospital. She refuses to sleep in a bed and curls up in a ball when she goes to sleep.  The girl is twelve but she looks like she is five.

From The Daily Star

A mom has been accused of raising a “Mowgli child” in a cow shed and selling her for sex with paedophiles in return for vodka.

Diana, who is aged 12 but looks five, was found walking on all fours “like a frightened animal” after escaping from a cage.

Reports from Oryol in central Russia claim the girl barks and howls instead of talking and is suffering from extreme exhaustion.

The girl, who was in the care of her mum Medina, 38, has been taken to hospital where she is being treated.

Staff say the girl refuses to sleep in a bed and pounces on food.

One source said: “She constantly slides to the floor and hides in a corner, curling up in a ball.

“She pounces on food, swallows quickly, spits it up, and again tries to eat.

“The sight is not for the faint-hearted.”

According to local newspaper Oryol Times, a hospital source said: “The mother is an alcoholic.

“This is her eighth child.

“The previous seven were taken away by the guardianship authorities.

“The mum hid this child in every possible way.

“At home – she was kept in a cage, and if she had to go somewhere carried her a bag on wheels.

“For a bottle of vodka, she sold the girl into sexual slavery.”

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