The President of “ACT for America,” Brigitte Gabriel, exposes Obama and the terrorists he had working with him in the White House.

Muslims want one world religion and they have been working on the inside to take over America with theirs.

From Proud Conservative:

The Muslim Brotherhood has one main goal…to infiltrate and take over the United States of America and make Islam the dominant religion of the country.

This is made abundantly clear in the “Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America” document that you are about to hear from. Brigitte Gabriel, President of ACT for America, absolutely destroys Barack Obama and exposes a little know fact about one particular Islamic organization operating right here inside the United States.

ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) acts as advisors to Barack Obama about Middle Eastern policy, but there is a secret Obama doesn’t want you to know about. Don’t worry though, Brigitte doesn’t hold back…

“We not only have the fox watching the hen house, we have the fox inside the White House dictating policy in the ear of the president.”

Brigitte Gabriel exposes 29 Islamic foundations in the United States with the specific goal of sabotaging America from within and having the country destroy itself with it’s own hands…

Please share this so people will know the truth! Islamic Muslim extremists need to be removed from America! For our safety and the safety of so many that practice Christianity here.

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  1. Wm

    This ‘goal’ is a secondary action. The primary action/agenda/goal is directed by the globalist elite of banking, corporations and their collaborators in government’s who push, fund, and allow the assault as one of the weapons used which they intend to denigrate nations for their eventual overthrow and subjugation.


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