CP | The anti-Trump protests are going precisely as liberals planned. Sharia Law can already be seen showing its ugly face at several rallies.

For instance, the unbelievable scene at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

The rally at DFW began like so many others at airports around the country.

Liberal politicians showed up to apologize for President Trump trying to keep America’s border safe, and bent over backwards to make all Muslims feel welcome, regardless of their intentions.

Well, the Muslims of Dallas responded by demonstrating precisely what they have planned for America. And precisely why President Trump’s restrictions are needed.

Swarming the baggage claim area, a mob of Muslims began chanting the Islamic call to prayer, and then held a large prayer service right there.

All other travelers were forced to endure this imposition of Islam on their lives. And the authorities were helpless.

Imagine for a second if Jews or Christians did something like this. Liberals and the mainstream media would have a fit. And the police would be called in to clear them out.

But not here. We don’t want to offend the Muslims. And the media completely IGNORED this because it didn’t fit with their anti-Trump narrative.

4 Responses

  1. Tim

    I hope more Texans will see this, and demand that DFW Airport Authority ban this from ever happening again.

  2. MikefromTexas

    Kick the crap out of them. Get a bull horn and mess up their prayers.

  3. Dennis Karoleski

    I guess I’m confused. What permits ANY religion from appropriating whatever public area they see fit; especially disrupting a critically important one such as an airport or even a highway, whenever they feel like it. In the first place the First Amendment guarantees us freedom FROM a state-sponsored religion and in the second place only applies to government-owned facilities. By assuming any gathering of Muslims is automatically a “holy occurrence” instead of a politically planned precedence setting disruptive power grab is to give it official sanction. There is ample history proving by doing so you have only encouraged the bully to embolden their attacks on what they consider their new land by right of conquest.


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