CP | The anti-Trump protests are going precisely as liberals planned. Sharia Law can already be seen showing its ugly face at several rallies.

For instance, the unbelievable scene at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

The rally at DFW began like so many others at airports around the country.

Liberal politicians showed up to apologize for President Trump trying to keep America’s border safe, and bent over backwards to make all Muslims feel welcome, regardless of their intentions.

Well, the Muslims of Dallas responded by demonstrating precisely what they have planned for America. And precisely why President Trump’s restrictions are needed.

Swarming the baggage claim area, a mob of Muslims began chanting the Islamic call to prayer, and then held a large prayer service right there.

All other travelers were forced to endure this imposition of Islam on their lives. And the authorities were helpless.

Imagine for a second if Jews or Christians did something like this. Liberals and the mainstream media would have a fit. And the police would be called in to clear them out.

But not here. We don’t want to offend the Muslims. And the media completely IGNORED this because it didn’t fit with their anti-Trump narrative.

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  1. Patricia Johnson

    Wow and why in the world did this go on?? Who cares if they are offended when the clearly are imposing Sharia Law on our freedom of religion and have a constitutional right not to worship as they do. Law enforcement needs to crack down on these Muslims who are a threat to our freedom.

  2. David

    Obama is no longer the president of this country so when a crowd of Muslims chose to pull something like this, please feel free to offend and call them out! Educate yourself on what the real desire of the Muslims around the world want to do. They wish to over run and make the entire world there’s. Believe as they do or die because this is what their qur’an tells them to do by their prophet Muhammad. For century’s America has done all they could do to keep out those that wish to cause us harm and thanks to Obama and his cronies, well enough said.

  3. Patricia Johnson

    Good thing I wasn’t there! They would probably try and cut my head off when I got done!!

  4. Patrick Bass

    Is there some kind of “curse” that Muslims would be afraid of ? Can you cast a curse on places that Muslims may gather so that they would prefer to not go there?

  5. solange silverman

    They are disrupting and blocking walking traffic. They have NO right to do this.. They also do this in the streets of Europe with no regard for anyone else or for the law. And no one stops them and forces them to move on. They think they are protected by freedom of religion. However, first they should prove that it is an actual religion,which it is not. So, there is our way around catering to them above all others.

  6. Fiesty

    It should not have been allowed! It was a disruption and an affront to others. Arrests were warranted!

  7. Ima

    Christians and Jews should have gathered around them and stood and prayed out loud: “Forgive them father, for they pray to Satan and know not what they do!”

  8. Billie Jean

    I canot not believe that our country has got this far. We need President Trump to take them out. And people wonder why we want no more Muslims here, wonder no more my friend.

  9. David Grogan

    A bunch of people prayed so what. There are lots of hateful people in this page.

    • Sandy

      that’s not all that happened… did you not read the entire article? how would you feel had you been there? or would you have just complied and done exactly as they said… YOU are partof the problem…

  10. Judith Holmes

    So President Trump should make the ban stronger and longer in reply !!!!!

  11. Cindy Vazquez

    This is bullshit….if these were Christians reading the bible or singing, the authorities would have been all over them immediately. depending on the cops attitude they probably would have them arrested for disturbing the peace. for possibly offending some people.

  12. Jerry Johnson

    I’d walk right through their prayers, can you imagine if all the christians got together and kneeled and prayed at the same time.. What do you think people we can do the same thing, This is Gods Country not Allah’s


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