The Democrats have completely destroyed the morals in this country and when people do heinous things, they defend them no matter how terrible they are. Just look at their defense of antifa and Muslim terrorists as well as MS-13. A 45 year old North Carolina woman has traded her 1 year old daughter for a 20 year old car. That is just totally insane. Alice Todd, 45, Tina Chavis, 47, and Vicencio Romero, 53, were arrested at their homes Wednesday after a two-month police investigation. They showed up at a hospital in 2019 and she had bruises on her body. Police then found that they had acquired the girl from Alice Todd in exchange for a car in 2018.

From The Mail Online

A North Carolina mother has been arrested for allegedky giving away her one-year-old daughter in exchange for a used car.

Thomasville Police booked Alice Leann Todd, 45, at her house on Wednesday, the same day they arrested Tina Marie Chavis, 47, and Chavis’ husband, Vicencio Romero, 53, at their home in the small city, located about 69 miles northeast of Charlotte.

The trio appeared in court to face felony charges of unlawful sale, surrender, or purchase of a minor on Thursday.

Investigators learned of the group’s alleged nefarious transaction after Wake Forest Baptist Health High Point Medical Center staffers called police on July 23.

The medical center also contacted child protective services the same day when Chavis showed up there with a two-year-old girl who had bruises on her body, telling doctors the child appeared to be having an allergic reaction.

The 47-year-old initially said she was the unnamed child’s mother, but she had no paperwork to back up her story. After investigators probed further, Chavis claimed she had adopted the toddler, police said.

Responding officers initially put the little girl in the care of a family member. The suspects’ arrest came after an estimated two-month investigation.

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