Taking effect December 19th, Texas is now requiring people to treat aborted fetal remains as the human beings they are. They will no longer be aloud to dispose of the remains in sanitary landfills.

Regardless of the gestation of the baby, everyone will be required to have a burial or cremate the remains of all aborted babies.

These regulations do not apply to miscarriages that happen at home. When medical providers questioned who would be responsible for the costly burial or cremation, healthcare officials responded that the cost would not be paid by the patients but the health care facilities.

The related costs will be offset by eliminating the current methods of disposal.

From the Texas Tribune:

Proposed at the direction of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, the health commission had argued the rules would result in “enhanced protection of the health and safety of the public.” Abbott said in a fundraising email that the rules were proposed because he doesn’t believe fetal remains should be “treated like medical waste and disposed of in landfills.”

Read more here: Texas Tribune, NY Times 

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